Glittering spiral

Friendship bracelet with a spiral made from PRECIOSA fire polished beads 

The glittering facets of fire polished beads will help you to make your friendship bracelet special.

Prepare at least four colors of fire polished bead in the same size, string them on a wire and create a spiral which you can use to decorate a friendship bracelet.

Designer: Michal Papež

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Materials and tools:

PRECIOSA Fire Polished Beads
151 19 001; 4 mm; a mix of colors; 160x

trpytiva spiralka material atrpytiva spiralka material btrpytiva spiralka material c

0.6 mm hypoallergenic wire, 1 m long; snipping pliers 0.25 mm nylon for sewing, length: 2x 0.25 m; 1 mm hot-melt jewelry cord, length: 2x 1 m

trpytiva spiralka pomucky


Step 1:
The mixture of beads should include at least four bead colors. String 136 beads on the 0.6 mm thick wire at random.

trpytiva spiralka krok1a

Step 2:
Twist the wire using the original 3 mm thick tool or using a knitting needle of the same thickness. Initially create a spiral with six circles. Start stringing the beads after creating the spiral. String it in sections and carefully pull them on. Finish the bead mixture with six twists of the wire. Remove the ends of the wire with the snipping pliers.

trpytiva spiralka krok2atrpytiva spiralka krok2btrpytiva spiralka krok2c

Step 3:
Create two sewn cubes of 12 beads from the bead mix according to the illustration.

trpytiva spiralka krok3atrpytiva spiralka krok3b

Step 4:
Cut off 2x 100 cm of cord. Fold one cord in half and tie a knot in it to secure it. Fold the second cord in half and start tying knots ca 10 cm from the edge across the main double cord. Tie the knots alternately on the right and the left until you have a total of 15 individual knots. In order to simplify the threading of the spiral, melt all four free cords together with a flame and thread them through the prepared spiral. Cut off the melted ends behind the strung spiral, tie 15 alternating knots to the right and the left.

trpytiva spiralka krok4trpytiva spiralka krok4dtrpytiva spiralka krok4e

trpytiva spiralka krok4ftrpytiva spiralka krok4g

Step 5:
Straighten the ends of the main cord and alternately tie the necessary number knots (ca 6-8 depending on the length of the bracelet) across both ends. Cut off the binding cords and melt the ends with a flame. String the cubes onto the free ends of the main cord and secure them with a double knot, cut them to the necessary length and melt the ends with a flame.

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