Floral Fascinator

Headband made using textile flowers and seed beads

Floral patterns and decorations are always popular and they are currently very contemporary.

The fascinator in the shape of a lotus flower, which our tutorial will show you how to make, is a humorous and playful fashion accessory.


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Materials and tools:










PRECIOSA Rocailles (R6a)
331 19 001; 6/0; 16228 (275x); lilac

kvetinovy fascinator 16228

PRECIOSA Rocailles (R6b)
331 19 001; 6/0; 16258 (275x); pastel green

kvetinovy fascinator 16258

PRECIOSA Rocailles (R6c)
331 19 001; 6/0; 16298 (275x); pastel pink

kvetinovy fascinator 16298

Fire Polished Beads
151 19 001; 12 – 14 mm; a shade close to the used colors (1x)

kvetinovy fascinator 15119001



Metal parts - silver; platinum - 0.50 mm wire; a metal crimp bead

fabric flowers with a diameter of about 15 cm (made by Moraviaflor) - 2x lilac, 1x pastel green, 1x pastel pink; a wire strand (lilac, pastel green, pastel pink); a 0.20 mm nylon line; a thin needle; a strong tailor's needle; snipping pliers; flat nosed pliers (flattening the beginning of the line, crimping the metal crimp beads); glue

kvetinovy fascinator pomucky


Create three large flowers (1 each in lilac, pastel green and pastel pink). First sew the central circle. Attach the petals strung on the wire and on the wire strand. You can use flower sem-products from the Moraviaflor Company.

Sew the central circle.


Step 1:

Secure the end of the silicon line by tying on a small rocaille. String 41x R6. Use the right-angle weave stitch to create the band. The sewing process will give rise to mutually connected "squares" consisting of 4x R6. Sew through some of the rocailles, add others. The 20th square is created by connecting it to the 1st "square". Tie off the line with two knots.

kvetinovy fascinator 1

Step 2:

Strengthen the internal circumference by threading the line through it twice. At the same time, also add 1x R6 behind every second rocaille. Tie off both ends of the line with two knots and pull them into the surroudning R6.

kvetinovy fascinator 2


The petals on the wire (use about 1 m of wire)


Step 3:

Use the R6 from the central circumference on the circle to thread the wire through. Thread it through the R6, under which no R6 has been added on the internal circumference of the circle. Bring the wire out from the circle. String 21x R6. Return the wire to the 21st rocaille. Tighten and create a small loop. String another 20x R6. Count off 2 "squares" on the circle. Head inwards into the circle with the wire.

kvetinovy fascinator 3akvetinovy fascinator 3d enkvetinovy fascinator 3b en


Step 4:

Count off 2 "squares". Emerge with the wire from the circle. String another petal. Create all five petals in the same way.

kvetinovy fascinator 4akvetinovy fascinator 4b

Step 5:

Wind up the end of the wire. Cut it off after about 0.5 cm. Press it to the circle.

kvetinovy fascinator 5 en

The petals on the wire strand (use about 1.4 m of wire strand)


Step 6:

Use the rocailles behind the central circumference by the circle. This time, thread the wire strand through the rocaille under which a rocaille has been added on the internal circumference. The petals are approximately the same length as the leaves on the wire. String 5 ks R6 onto the wire strand. It does not matter where you place them. Secure the individual R6 by repeating threading the wire strand through the beads. Create an eye around them.

kvetinovy fascinator 6akvetinovy fascinator 6bkvetinovy fascinator 6c

Step 7:

String five leaves.

kvetinovy fascinator 7a

Step 8:

String the end of the wire strand through 2x metal crimp beads in the opposite direction. Crimp the rocailles. Cut off the end of the wire strand.

kvetinovy fascinator 8 en

Putting the flower together


Step 9:

Place a lilac fabric flower, a lilac rocaille flower, a lilac fabric flower, a green rocaille flower, a green fabric flower, a pink rocaille flower and a pink fabric flower on top of one another. Sew them all in the centre using a line or thread with the strong tailor's needle.

kvetinovy fascinator 9

Step 10:

Sew through a large bead from the top to the middle of the flower.

kvetinovy fascinator 10

Step 11:

Sew or glue the flower onto a headband, a broach or a necklace.


kvetinovy fascinator 11akvetinovy fascinator 11bkvetinovy fascinator 16

kvetinovy fascinator 17

Designer: Helena Chmelíková