Flanders Poppies

Bracelet made from PRECIOSA beads and seed beads

Nature provides us with endless amounts of inspiration. This time we have prepared a bracelet of Flanders Poppies for you. Their flowers always stand out in a flowery meadow and they will also stand out on your wrist.

The bracelet may look complicated, but it is not difficult to make. The petals consist of Rose Petal pressed beads, while the stamens and pistils are made from PRECIOSA Solo™ beads and PRECIOSA Rocailles and all of this is connected with pressed leaves. Thanks to the combination of various shades of travertine, opaque red and orange and the transparent leaves, the resulting impression is quite natural. You can also supplement the bracelet with earrings. You just need to create two pairs of flowers and hang them on hooks. You will be unmissable with these accessories, just like the Flanders poppies!

PRECIOSA ORNELA wishes you infinite inspiration and joy when beadworking.

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Materials and tools:

PRECIOSA Rocailles (R1)
331 19 001; 8/0; 89110 Travertine (ca 1 g)

PRECIOSA Rocailles (R2)

311 19 001; 11/0; 10090 (ca 0.5 g)

PRECIOSA Rocailles (R3)
331 19 001; 7/0; 99190 Travertine (ca 1 g)


117 01 332; 2.5 x 5 mm; 23980/86805 Travertine (108x)

PRECIOSA Rose Petal (Pet1)

111 00 077; 8 x 7 mm; 91240 red (54x)

PRECIOSA Rose Petal (Pet2)
111 00 077; 8 x 7 mm; 93160 orange (54x)

PRECIOSA Pressed Bead

111 30 078;9 x 14 mm; 50220 green (18x)

a thin stringing needle; a thread; scissors




Step 1:

String an R1, a Pet1 and an R3. Add another Pet1 onto one end and pass the second end of the thread through it in the opposite direction so that a small circle is created (fig. no. 1).


Step 2:

Then string an R1 onto the left-hand thread and an R3 onto the right-hand thread, add a Pet1 onto one thread and thread the second end through it in the opposite direction (fig. no. 2).


Step 3:

Keep sewing until you have a total of 6 Pet1 petals (fig. no. 3).


Step 4:

String an R1 onto the left-hand and an R3 onto the right-hand thread, then pass each end of the thread through the first Pet1 from opposite ends (fig. no. 4). Tie off both ends of the thread.


Step 5:

Work the needle through to the side where the R3 are located and add one S between each R3 (fig. no. 5).


Work the needle through to the lower side and tie off the ends again (fig. no. 6).


Step 6:

Create 9 orange flowers and 9 red flowers.


Step 7:

In order to connect the orange and red flowers, "zip" the lower rocailles by taking hold of each rocaille from each side and tightening them so that they mesh together (fig. no. 7).


Connect all nine orange and red flowers in this way (fig. no. 8).


Step 8:

Connect the individual flowers into the bracelet by stringing two R1, a pressed leaf and two R1 onto the thread which emerges from the last sewn flower and then sew through the three central rocailles from the second flower. String two R1, a leaf and two R1 again and return to the original flower and pass the thread through the last three beads (fig. no. 9).


Step 9:

Further connect the flowers in a similar way until you create a band of eight flowers. Sew the ninth one on by adding 4x R2 after the last leaf instead of two R1 (fig. no. 10) – this will constitute the first part of the fastening.


Step 10:

Create a loop on the second side of the bracelet - string an R1, a leaf, 35x R2, a leaf and an R1 onto the thread (fig. no. 11).


Return to the last flower and sew through the loop for a second time in order to strengthen it. The bracelet is finished!



460 vlci maky 12460 vlci maky 13
Designer: Aleksandra Lysenko


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