Exotic pineapple

Decoration made from PRECIOSA beads

PRECIOSA ORNELA presents the new PRECIOSA Villa™ pressed bead from the PRECIOSA Traditional Czech Beads™ range. It has a wide range of varied uses. Try making an exotic pineapple using this bead which is shaped like a small pyramid. We wish you adventurous bead-working.

Designer: Helena Chmelíková


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Materials and tools:


111 01 341; 6 x 13 mm; 02010/86800 travertine;

114x exoticky ananas 111 01 341 villa

PRECIOSA Rocailles (R10)

331 19 001; 10/0; 83111 dark yellow; 84x

exoticky ananas 331 19 001 83111

PRECIOSA Rocailles (R8)

331 19 001; 8/0; 56120 green; 1x

exoticky ananas 331 19 001 56120 rokajl

PRECIOSA Pressed Beads (PB5/16)

111 69 812;  mm; 53420 khaki green; 27x

exoticky ananas 111 69 812 jazycek

PRECIOSA Pressed Bead (PB11)

111 34 050; 11 mm; 10220/81800 brown or another flat pumpkin shape in a similar shade; 1x

exoticky ananas 111 34 050 pandora

PRECIOSA Pressed Beads (PB5)

111 19 001; 5 mm; any shade; 3x

exoticky ananas 111 19 001

or PRECIOSA Fire Polished Beads (FPB)

151 19 001; 5 mm; any shade; 3x

exoticky ananas 151 19 001

0.80 mm metal – gold wire
0.20 mm nylon line; a thin needle; scissors; flat nose pliers (for flattening the start of the line or modifying the start of the wire); needle nose pliers

exoticky ananas pomucky material


The body of the pineapple 

Use one of the principles of the "right angle weave" stitch to create the body of the pineapple. Sew "squares" which are interconnected. They consist of four beads. "Cut" the body of the pineapple into two parts. First sew the lower section. Then attach the top.

Step 1
First sew one long row of 12 "squares". Thread the needle through one of the 
V next to the knot. Then string 3x V. Return to the same V in the initial "square", but from the opposite side. Thread the line through two of the strung V. Thread it through another 3x V. Return to the same V in the second "square", but from the opposite side. Thread the line through two of the strung V. You will notice that the line will be thread through the upper in one "square" and through the lower of the next. Continue in this way up to the 11th "square". Connect the 12th "square" with the 1st. Also string 1x V, 1x V from the 1st "square" and 1x new V. Return to the 11th "square".

a square

exoticky ananas krok1ctverecek

Row 1

exoticky ananas krok1 rada1

exoticky ananas krok1 

Step 2
Continue the next row. Use the same principle for threading the line. Additionally string 3x V to the 1x V from the previous row next to the first "square" of this row. Thread the line through 1x side V. Now additionally string only 2x V. Use the V from the previous row as the third. Thread 3x V. Add another 9 "squares". Only thread the line through 1x V at the 12th "square" in this row. Add another two from the 1st and 11th "square".

Steps 2 and 5

exoticky ananas krok2a5 en

exoticky ananas krok2 

Step 3
Now round the lower section. Continue to use the same principle for threading the line. String 1x V, 2x R10 and 1x V by the 1st "square". Thread the line through 1x V from the previous row. Thread the line through the side V. String 2x R10 and 1x at the 2nd "square". Thread the line through the V from the previous "square". Thread the line through a V, 2x R10 and the second side V. Thread the line through the V from the following "square". String 1x V and 2x R10 at the 3rd "square". Thread the line through the side V from the previous "square" and both remaining V from the 3rd "square".
Now alternate the stringing method for the 2nd and 3rd "squares" up to the 11th "square" of this row. Only add 2x R10 rocailles in the 12th "square".

Steps 3 and 6

exoticky ananas krok3a6 en

exoticky ananas krok3aexoticky ananas krok3b 

Step 4
Thread the needle up to the R10. Connect the R10. String 2x R10 or 1x R10 into the gaps between them. Thread the line through the created circle one more time.

exoticky ananas krok4 nakres

exoticky ananas krok4

Step 5
Now continue on the second half of the pineapple. Repeat the 2nd step.

exoticky ananas krok5

Step 6
Repeat the 3rd step.

exoticky ananas krok6exoticky ananas krok6aexoticky ananas krok6b

Step 7
Thread the line through the outer V from the upper row (1, 3, 5, 7, 9 and 11). Thread the line through the 1st V from the top row heading upwards. Additionally string 1x R10, 1x V and 1x R10.
String the line downwards through the 3rd V. Thread the line through the two lying next to one another at the same level. String the same number of materials and thread the line through the next V. Repeat 2 more times. Thread the line upwards through the 1st upper V one more time. Turn the stringing direction on the opposite side. Add V one at a time. Use the R10 from the previous arch one at a time.

exoticky ananas krok7nakres

exoticky ananas krok7

Step 8
Add 1x R10 to each gap between the V. Thread the line through the circle of V and R10 one more time.

exoticky ananas krok8nakres

exoticky ananas krok8

Leaf crown

Sew this from PB5/16.

Step 9
Sew arches from the outer
 V. Use the principle of the "right angle weave" stitch. String 2x R10, 1x PB5/16 through the lower hole and 2x R10 next to the first V. Return to the same V, but from the opposite side. Thread the line through the side R10. String 1x PB5/16 and 2x R10. Thread the line through the next V. Thread the line through the entire newly created arch. Thread the line through the adjacent V. Now add 2x R10 and 1x PB5/16. Thread the line through the R10, the outer V and the second side R10. Add the 4th and 5th arches. Only add 1x PB5/16 at the first V.

exoticky ananas krok9

exoticky ananas krok9b

Step 10
String the line through the second hole of the PB5/16. String 6 x 1 new PB5/16 into the gaps between them. Thread the line through their lower holes.

exoticky ananas krok10

exoticky ananas krok10 10a

Step 11
Thread the line through the second hole of the PB5/16. Once again, string 6 x 1 new PB5/16 into the gaps between them. Thread the line through their lower holes. The PB5/16 from the 9th and 10th steps will change their mutual positions.

exoticky ananas krok11 nakres

exoticky ananas krok11 11a

Step 12
The body of the pineapple and the leaf crown are complete. Sew in the line. Also sew in any ends of the lines from the connection of new ones.

exoticky ananas krok11b

Step 13
Now create the remainder of the leaves. String 3x PB5/16 through their bottom holes and tie them together.

exoticky ananas krok13 nakres

exoticky ananas krok13

Step 14
String 3x 1 new PB5/16 into the gaps between the PB5/16. Thread the line through the bottom holes again. Thread the line through the central holes of the new ones. 

exoticky ananas krok14 nakres

exoticky ananas krok14

Step 15
Thread the line through the lower hole of the previous PB5/16. String another 3 x 1 into the gaps between the PB5/16. Thread the line through the central holes of the new ones. Also thread the line through the bottom holes of these newly strung beads. Sew the line in.

exoticky ananas krok15 encontinuation  exoticky ananas krok15 pokracovani

exoticky ananas krok15


Step 16
Cut off about 20 cm of wire. Bend the final 3 mm using the flat nose pliers. Press it to the remainder of the wire. String an R8, the top section of the leaf cluster and the body of the pineapple.
Add 3x PB5 or FPB and 1x PB11. Tighten the stringing material, press the balls into the hollows in the pineapple. Cut off about 2 to 2.5 cm of wire behind the PB11. Twist a multiple loop on the free section of the wire using the needle nose pliers.

exoticky ananas sestaveni 16eexoticky ananas sestaveni 16cexoticky ananas sestaveni 16dexoticky ananas sestaveni 17

exoticky ananas 01exoticky ananas 02

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