Christmas star

Difficulty: 1
Technique: Stringing, Linking
Designer: Jaroslava Růžičková

Christmas with beads and seed beads PRECIOSA Traditional Czech Beads™

Czech Beads brand are often used for the preparation of traditional Christmas decorations. Preciosa Ornela offers a tutorial on the production of luxurious Christmas stars to everybody who is looking forward to making their own hand-made gifts and Christmas decorations. The shiny Christmas decorations are presented in several variations which will also inspire you to new designs thanks to the infinite options for the use of beads and seed beads and their shape and colour combinations. Create glittering stars from beads and seed beads from the PRECIOSA Traditional Czech Beads™ range. Preciosa Ornela offers inspiration for the creation of luxurious Christmas decorations. The procedure is relatively simple and the creation of the basic star should be achievable even for an absolute beginner. The individual photographs show the designs for the sequences of the individual beads and seed beads. You can create the star from any beads and seed beads which you have at home. All you have to do is combine the colours and shapes so that they suit your ideas and needs. We wish you many happy and creative hours of Christmas beadworking with PRECIOSA :o). 

Materials & Tools


Other materials & tools

A wire star - diameter 10 cm (silver, gold), 0.35 mm binding wire (silver), needle nose and snipping pliers, glue (for glass and metal)


The creation of this Christmas star requires a finished semi-product. If you do not have one available, you can create a basic frame from 8 wires which are connected in the middle, for example using FIMO.

Step 1

Gradually string the individual beads and seed beads onto the individual wires of the basic semi-product according to the illustration or using your own design. You can string each of the wires in the same way or alternate two types of stringings which are repeated four times, are adjacent to one another and are clasped together in a right angle. End every strung wire with a loop (figure no. 1). If you are not satisfied with a simple stringing of beads and seed beads, you can add further seed beads strung onto the binding wire. In this case, do not overly tighten the stringings of beads and seed beads on the star’s basic frame and leave a space of about 1 – 2 mm for the supplementary twisting of the binding wire with the strung seed beads.


Step 2

Use the binding wire, onto which you have strung the beads and seed beads, to connect the individual rays of the star. It is possible to use various sized bugles, to string a row of seed beads or to supplement them with smaller and lighter beads. Always start nearer to the centre of the star by twisting the end of the binding wire between the beads and seed beads strung onto the star’s basic frame in the chosen position. Twist the wire (0.35mm) twice at the start and tighten it so that it fits between the individual beads and seed beads; at the same time, always leave the second end free (2 – 3 cm) as it will be useful for ending the row. Continue to string the individual beads and seed beads according to the design for the given section between the individual rays of the star. Twist the wire with the stringing around the wire of the star’s frame, straighten the strung seed beads and tighten them slightly. Connect both ends of the wire at the end of the row, cross them over and twist them 2-3x. Snip the free end with the pliers and hide the twisted ends between the beads. There can be multiple connecting stringings between the individual rays

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