Bridal beauties

Difficulty: 2
Technique: Wirework

Bridal headpieces made from PRECIOSA Traditional Czech Beads™

Floral motifs created using the technique of stringing seeds on thin costume jewelry wire form the basis of hair decorations which are suitable for weddings, other special occasions and even for everyday occasions.

The wide range of beads and seed beads from the PRECIOSA Traditional Czech Beads™ brand enables the use of this technique to create almost every kind of flower. Choose your favourite colour combination and create relatively easy romantic floral decorations which will never fade or wilt.

Carla Ruvolo

An artist. Carla Ruvolo is Italian. As a mother of two, she don’t have too much free time but whenever she can relax beads are her first choice.

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Step 1

String randomly on a 0,30 mm wire bugles and pearls of your choice (atlas finish gives a wonderful sparkle to your finished piece).
tip: string pearls in clusters of three and five, each three forms a bud, each five forms a tiny flower.


Step 2

Make tiny loops by twisting wires together for about 1-1,5 cm as shown on the picture.


Step 3

Three pearls loop for a bud, five pearls loop for tiny flowers. Continue until you have a delicate fan spray.


Step 4

String 5 Pip Beads on 0,30 mm wire.


Step 5

Join wires and twist twice to secure.


Step 6

Take one end of the wire and insert in the center hole.


Step 7

String a 3 mm beads and push it in the hole.


Step 8

Take the wire and slide it between two petals.


Step 9

Bend the wire on the back of the flower.


Step 10

Insert in the hole.


Step 11

Join the two wires and twist.


Step 12

Twist approximately 2 cm and continue with the second flower.


Step 13

Using the longer wire, string 5 Pip Beads.


Step 14

Repeat the same steps to form the second flower.


Step 15

Add center bead and string until you reach the base of the twisted wire.


Step 16

Repeat the steps to obtain a third flower and twist wires leaving at least 5 or 6 cm tail.

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