Difficulty: 1
Technique: basic beadweaving

Bracelet made of PRECIOSA Rola™ and PRECIOSA Rocailles

Preciosa Ornela has introduced a new technology in the production of its traditional Czech seed beads; Quality Cut. Its advantage lies in its greater accuracy which means that the seed beads better adhere to the set dimensions. The first registered seed bead manufactured using this technology is PRECIOSA Rola™, which we offer in dimensions of 5 x 3.5 mm, 7 x 3.5 mm and 10 x 5 mm. It uses the cylindrical shape of thick glass tubes with a larger hole separated into short sections. Your playful side will enjoy the carnival of colors predominantly from the ranks of the exclusive rocaille range, which especially includes PRECIOSA Rocailles with stripes and PRECIOSA Cornelian.


Alexandra Lysenko - Snow Mirna

Her name has resounded throughout the world of bead and seed bead costume jewellery for a number of years.

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Materials & Tools

Other materials & Tools

S-lon thread; a carabiner; 5 mm rings; a thin needle


Step 1

String 1x RO onto the thread followed by 7x R10 and tie a double knot (fig. no 1a and 1b).

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Step 2

String a further RO and then 7x R10 (fig. no. 2a), thread the needle through the RO (fig. no. 2b and 2c).

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Step 3

String 7x R10 and then 1x RO (fig. no. 3a), thread the line through the first of the seven R10 (fig. no. 3b).

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Step 4

Then thread the needle through the RO, which you added right at the beginning (fig. no. 4a and 4b).

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Step 5

String 7x R10 and then 1x RO (fig. no. 5a), thread the needle through the first of the seven R10 (fig. no 5b), thread it through the RO on the other side (fig. no. 5c and 5d).

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Step 6

Repeat this last step until you achieve the required length. At the end, string 7x R10 and thread the needle through the last RO from the top down (fig. no. 6a) and thread the line through the added 7x R10 one more time (fig. no. 6b), tie a knot and cut off the remainder of the thread.

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Step 7

Use the connecting rings to attach the fastening (fig. no. 7a).

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