Blooming Beauty

Seed bead floral hair decorations

Floral motifs created using the technique of stringing PRECIOSA seed beads on thin costume jewelry wire form the basis of hair decorations which are suitable for weddings, other special occasions and even for everyday occasions.

The wide range of beads and seed beads from the PRECIOSA Traditional Czech Beads brand enables the use of this technique to create almost every kind of flower. Choose your favourite color combination and create relatively easy romantic floral decorations which will never fade or wilt.

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Materials and tools:

PRECIOSA Rocailles

331 19 001; 10/0; 78131



351 12 001; 2“; 05051


351 31 001; 10/0; 05051



111 01 346; 5x7 mm; 02010/25E01


PRECIOSA Imitation Pearls

131 19 001; 3 mm; 02010/70502

131 19 001; 5 mm; 02010/70502

blooming beauty 2

0,50 mm and 0,30 mm copper wire (silver plated)
Haircomb and hair clip at your choice; Satin or ribbon and hot glue gun to secure to the comb or clip;
For the haircomb we need 2 filler accents with Pip Beads flowers and a main double flower;
For the hairclip we need 1 main double flower, 1 2 loops flower, 1 filler accent with Pip flowers and 1 simple filler accent


Making the flowers

Step 1

Using the continuos wrapping technique, we are going to make a double loop 5 petal flower.

making the flowers 1

Step 2

String rocailles on a 0.50 mm copper wire (silver plated in this case. You can also use a colored wire matching rocailles color) Counting 9 rocailles, make the first loop, twist twice.

making the flowers 2

Step 3
Slide the rocailles and make another loop over the first one, twist twice.

making the flowers 3amaking the flowers 3b

Step 4
Leaving about 1 cm, make the first loop of the second.

making the flowers 4

Step 5

Make the second loop and twist You have two petals.

making the flowers 5

Step 6

Repeat the process for the third petal.

making the flowers 6amaking the flowers 6b

Step 7

Repeat for the fourth petal.

making the flowers 7

Step 8

Until you have five similar petals. Now you can cut the wire leaving 10 cm long tail.

making the flowers 8

Step 9

Twist the two wires close to the join of the first and last petal to secure and shape petals.

making the flowers 9

Step 10

You can add a bead or rocaille in the center of the flower.

making the flowers 10

Step 11

Or you can create a stamen using 0,30 mm wire and tiny cristals, pearls or beads at your choice.

making the flowers 11

Step 12

Using the same technique, make another flower, bigger this time, with 3 loops for each petal.

making the flowers 12

Step 13

Shape petals.

making the flowers 13

Step 14

Join wires and twist to secure.

making the flowers 14

Step 15

Now you have a 3 loops five petals flower.

making the flowers 15

Step 16

We can combine the two flowers.

making the flowers 16

Step 17

Insert the 2 loops peta, flower in the center of the bigger flower.

making the flowers 17

Step 18

Join and twist end wires to secure.

making the flowers 18making the flowers 1

Making the accent

Step 1

String randomly on a 0,30 mm wire beads of your choice, seed beads or satin seed beads ecc.

making the accent 1

Step 2

Make tiny loops twisting each one for about 1 - 1,5 cm.

making the accent 2

Step 3

Make loops using the beads in the order you loaded.

making the accent 3

Step 4

It’s a freestyle work.

making the accent 4

Step 5

Continue until you finish the beads.

making the accent 5

Step 6

Here is your simple filler accent.

making the accent 6

Step 7

Pip beads flowers are a beautiful add for this filler accent.

making the accent 7

Making the Pip beads flowers

Step 1

String 5 Pip beads on 0,30 mm wire.

making the Pip beads flowers 1

Step 2

Join wires and twist twice to secure.

making the Pip beads flowers 2


Step 3

Take one end of the wire and insertin the center hole.

making the Pip beads flowers 3

Step 4

String a 3 mm bead and push it in the hole.

making the Pip beads flowers 4

Step 5

Take the wire and slide it between two petals.

making the Pip beads flowers 5

Step 6

Bend the wire on the back of the flower.

making the Pip beads flowers 6

Step 7

Insert in the hole.

making the pip beads flowers 7

Step 8

Join the two wires and twist.

making the pip beads flowers 8

Step 9

Twist approximately 2 cm and continue with the second flower.

making the pip beads flowers 9

Step 12

Using the longer wire, string 5 Pip Beads

making the pip beads flowers 10

Step 13
and repeat the same steps to form the second flower.

making the pip beads flowers 11

Step 14

Add center bead and string until you reach the base of the twisted wire.

making the pip beads flowers 12

Step 15
Repeat the steps to obtain a third flower and twist wires leaving at least 5 or 6 cm tail.

making the pip beads flowers 13

Step 16
Combine with simple filler accent simply twisting wires together.

making the pip beads flowers 14

Step 17
For the Hair Clip make 1 double flower, 1 single flower, two single accents and 1 3 flowers Pip beads accent.

making the pip beads flowers 15

Step 18
Arrange flowers to match the clip length.

making the pip beads flowers 16

Step 19
For the hair comb you can use two accents with Pip beads and a main double flower, using its ending wire to secure at the comb.

making the pip beads flowers 17

Step 20
This is the back of both hairpieces.

making the pip beads flowers 19

Step 21
Be sure not to leave free ending wires with hot glue gun secure accents an cover wires using a matching ribbon If the comb is not covered you can add more filler accents.
Step 22
Just play with elements, colors and bead finish to make more different designs.

blooming beauty 3blooming beauty 4blooming beauty 5blooming beauty 1