Atlas Stars

Difficulty: 3
Technique: Wirework

Christmas Stars with PRECIOSA Atlas Seed Beads

The perfection of the elaborate structure of the Christmas star made of unique white atlas glass is also supported by the selection of crystal and topaz seed beads with a silver lining. This three dimensional decoration has all the hallmarks of a luxury item thanks to the details involving seed beads with a surface finish of real gold and imitation beads placed in the central section of the star from both sides. The combination of the seed bead snowflakes and the six-pointed star’s atlas structure requires a careful approach and prior experience of stringing seed beads on a wire is advisable. However, the result is well worth the effort. You can choose the colors of the seed beads according to your wishes and to the availability of the bugles and rocailles. The size of the selected seed beads must enable them to be
strung onto two wires. 
We wish you happy holidays and many creative ideas when working with all types of Czech beads and seed beads from the PRECIOSA Traditional Czech Beads brand™.

Designer: Martina Jůnová


Step 1

Start the three dimensional Christmas star by making the central snowflake. Fold the 0.3 mm thick and ca 130 cm long gold wire in half.
String 5x R9 onto one end of the wire and 4x R9 onto the second end of the wire. Move the strung seed beads up to the bend in the wire. Then string the rocailles onto the individual ends of the wire according to illustrations nos. 1 – 5. Twist the wire several times at both ends of the wire, shorten it to about 5 mm and hide it between the nearest seed beads in the central section.

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Step 2

The outer structure of the star is strung onto a 0.3 mm thick and ca 110 cm long silver wire. Proceed according to illustrations nos. 6 – 8.
Create one star from atlas bugles and rocailles. As in the case of the central snowflake, use a rocaille with a gold finish at the connecting

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Step 3

Connect the internal golden snowflake in the centre of the star made of bugles and rocailles. Start stringing the second star made of bugles and rocailles in the same way. When stringing the second star, connect it with the first star by stringing rocailles at its points. The connection of both stars is the most important and at the same time the most difficult part of the entire procedure.

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Step 4

String 1x IP8 on one end of the wire in the central section of the second star, thread it through the centre of the topaz snowflake and
the second star and then once again string 1x IP8. Thread the second end of the wire through both IP in the opposite direction. Tighten both ends of the wire well in order to strengthen the entire structure. Twist the end of the wire several times around the wire connecting the centre of the decoration and snip it off. Adjust the resulting shape of the star’s structure by spreading out the atlas bugles in both stars.