Innovated PRECIOSA Tubes

Simplicity and a luxurious appearance at the same time. The offer of longer sizes in the innovative PRECIOSA Tubes Seed Beads will enchant you!

We present the attractive PRECIOSA Tube Seed Beads in extended lengths. 

These Czech seed beads from the traditional PRECIOSA Traditional Czech Beads™ range look like cylinders with a round hole. In addition to the standard sizes of these cut seed beads, we also offer another three larger sizes, namely 40 x 3 mm, 50 x 3 mm and 60 x 3 mm.

The innovated PRECIOSA Tubes are larger seed beads with a thicker wall and a bigger hole. As such, they are stronger and excellently suited for making costume jewelry. You will appreciate the new properties when linking seed beads on an eye pin or during multiple stringings. Try them – you’ll love it!

The surface of the PRECIOSA Tubes with a black glass and crystal base can be decorated with 10 vacuum half-coatings. The current color range for the glass tubes contains the complete selection which is feasible during the production of these long variants. You will find a pallet of blue to green shades with the option of silver linings, as well as crystal and black.

The main raw material for the innovated PRECIOSA Tubes Seed Beads is the tubes which are used to make Rocailles in the 7/0 size. Both the products listed on cards 3101 and 3102 are distinguished by holes with the same diameter.

As such, there is nothing easier than combining the new PRECIOSA Tubes with the same finish on PRECIOSA Rocailles in the 7/0 size and PRECIOSA Fire Polished Beads. 

So don’t hesitate and be sure to choose from the three sizes and 33 color variants of the PRECIOSA Tubes. You’ll be delighted.

The extended length and the color décor of the new seed beads will give your costume jewelry the right kind of flair. 

You won’t be able to resist PRECIOSA beads and seed beads!