Beads and seed beads in the VERY PERI color

As we all know, VERY PERI is the color of 2022! 

This color combines a number of tones and moods. According to the Pantone Color Institute, Very Peri, a newcomer to the color pallet, is supposed to symbolise reduced aggression and affable emotions and to support creativity and new vision.

Creative and harmonic VERY PERI can be best described as bluish purple with an undertone of red. For the first time, this is not a known shade – it is not a regular purple, but an original tone on the verge of periwinkle, lavender and lilac. 

Let’s take a look at the color of the year in the range of beads and seed beads!

This completely new color will accompany us throughout the entire year and it therefore cannot be missing from any range of beads and seed beads. The 23420 and 20420 seed bead colors give a calming, optimistic and positive impression, just like Very Peri. The exceptional color of 2022 can also be found in beads with the colors 20210, 20220, 20300 and 20310 and 20500


You can see the colors Lilac and Pink on Flickr.

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