2021 Spring | Summer Trends


4 color collections, 4 costume jewelry sets, 4 moods

Oh, those colors, the endless pallets of shades and finishes, from which we can choose new trend combinations. Czech seed beads in spring pastels and distinctive summer tones are now within your reach. Grasp them!

We present a tutorial on how to elegantly and sophisticatedly combine the shades of beads and seed beads from the PRECIOSA Traditional Czech Beads™ brand and to create fashion accessories which will be current in the spring and summer of 2021.

You can also look forward to projects for all the trend themes.

A season full of colors is approaching and is bringing with it a number of new products from the PRECIOSA Traditional Czech Beads™ brand.

Get ready for it!






This time, we will look at the pallet of intense bright colors of seed beads with the new PRECIOSA Terra Intensive surface finish which literally evokes energy, temperament and the mood of hot summer.

Irresistible, tempting, ripe fruit full of sugar grown in the sun attracts buzzing insects. The fruit drags the branches towards the ground. Do you also want to be full of energy? Have a taste. Not one drop of the joy from that deliciously sweet taste can be wasted. The perfection is often further enhanced by the slightly intoxicating aroma.


On the other hand, delicate seed bead shades with mother of pearl - pastel linings will give your costume jewellery delicacy and lightness. Brides may also appreciate the beauty of the PRECIOSA Pearl Pastel Lining shades and use them to adorn their special day.

The hottest days of summer are at hand and you are looking for refreshment. You desire the delicate cooling provided by a spray of water, the penetration and reflection of light from the individual drops, a delicate, hardly perceptible rainbow and delicate tones of pink, yellow, green and blue. Water flows along your skin and hair, your focus changes and distinctive shades become blurred into cool oranges and foggy purples.


The trend collection has also been supplemented with glints of beautiful earthy colors on PRECIOSA MC Rocailles and PRECIOSA Tubes.

A silent cool morning. The sun's first rays penetrate the foggy haze above the river. Many seeds, many tones, many footprints in the golden sand. Some appear, while others disappear and dissolve. The delicate relief of shaped undulating lines disrupts the small round pebbles brought from a far by the river. Some way off, a worn and twisted trunk recalling the wildness of the current has been deposited.


The breadth of the color pallet for next year culminates with darker natural colors reminiscent of a distant lagoon thanks to PRECIOSA Tubes which have been prepared in new sizes.


The play of wind and sparkle, the murmur of waves in a silent turquoise lagoon, the impact of a dark mass of water on a reef, the regular peaceful inundation of seaside forests. The transformation of permanently flickering dark shadows contrasting with the purely green treetops. Invigorating yellow and red tons occasionally flash through. Good humour and enchantment at the interface of the sea and the land.