Trends Autumn/Winter 2020 - 2021

Take inspiration for your work from the PRECIOSA ORNELA color trends

Do you like colorful autumn days or snow-white winter days? It's no wonder. After all, nature always conjures up a multihued pallet during this period every year.

Make the most of the opportunity to enrich your costume jewelry accessories for this period with remarkable shades. For example, you can look forward to blackberry, burgundy, the color of unripe plums or marble white, old pink or strawberry quark. Here is some inspiration for the upcoming 2020-2021 Autumn/Winter season.

Use our hints thanks to four themes: Button, Situla, Rainbow Coins and Hoop, how to combine color shades of the seed beads and beads from the PRECIOSA Traditional Czech Beads™ brand. The common denominator for all 4 designs is archaeology and archaeological findings.







design Helena Chmelíková | Necklace inspired by autumn fruit

PRECIOSA Rocailles | PRECIOSA Fire Polished Beads

A Succulent Harvest

Grey shades, dark color tones need not always be gloomy. The dewy purple color of the late gifts of nature bears with it the aroma of a sugary treat. In the early frosty haze, everything is covered in a delicate matt, which suddenly enters into competition with flashes of sunny dew. Such juicy, sweet tempting berries. A handful of blackberries which will turn your skin purple before you eat them. The berries are still bluish on the bush, but almost black in a cake. You can also find other variants in your garden; black currants, aronia, plums. Roses flower in the spring and you can look forward to the harvest.

Archaeological findings have indicated the existence of significant centres of princely power to the north of Prague, especially at the site of the Levý Hradec thf ortress, in the 10 century. It is traditionally designated as the seat of the first historically documented prince, i.e. Bořivoj I. He had the oldest Christian church in Bohemia built there. Saint Adalbert was also elected as the second Bishop of Prague there in 982.

Trends AW-2020-2021 - Button - Color Inspiration



design Helena Chmelíková | A basket inspired by the archeological finding of a bronze vessel

PRECIOSA Rocailles | PRECIOSA Fire Polished Beads

An Early-Evening Impression

You will find a wide range of shades, tones, moods and feelings during the sunsets of the first days of autumn. The sky tinged with blue and a hint of grey with frosty light shades. The horizon coloured with pink transitions into pure orange, mixed with dark carnelian and nocturnal purple. The last reminder of light and warmth, radiant rays cut through the canvass. The picture is mounted in ripe green.

In September 2017, an exceptional bronze vessel was discovered in a sand dune in the municipality of Kladina in the Pardubice District during archaeological work. Its origins have been dated to the Hallstatt period about 3 thousand years ago. Similar vessels have also been found in Hungary. The independent locations of all five vessels indicates that they were used for votive purposes, as gifts or as sacrifices during a ceremony. A hidden decoration of migratory birds pulling a sun disk has been discovered under the layers of deposits.


pumice, frosty sky, washed denim, malachite, banana, rosehip bud, dried orange peel, adzuki bean, dark carnelian


Art. No.: 111 01 357
Size: 4 x 11 mm
Color: 00030/01700


Art. No.: 351 27 001
Size: 3" 
Color: 63000


Art. No.: 111 01 363-L3
Size: 8 mm 
Color: 02010/25042


Art. No.: 111 01 364
Size: 2 x 8 mm
Color: 02010/24105


Art. No.: 351 27 001
Size: 5" 
Color: 85011

PRECIOSA Fire-Polished Beads

Art. No.: 151 19 001
Size: 3 mm 
Color: 71010


Art. No.: 117 01 332
Size: 2.5 x 5 mm 
Color: 93120


Art. No.: 111 01 363
Size: 8 mm 
Color: 02010/25031

PRECIOSA Fire-Polished Beads

Art. No.: 151 19 001
Size: 6 mm 
Color: 93210

Rainbow Coins


design Helena Chmelíková | Earrings inspired by archeological finding of the Celtic golden coins

PRECIOSA Rocailles | PRECIOSA Ripple™

Pleasant Occasion

You have found a treasure; round pieces of gold. You went for a walk after the rain, when the air smelled so fresh. The dark clouds faded away on the horizon. You set off into the forest. The brown roots glimmered and overlapped, the trees threw long grey shadows. You entered a ploughed field and suddenly something glittered in a furrow with a trickle of water; a handful of small round pieces of metal.

Some small coins were found on the ground after a heavy rainfall. Still wet, they glistened in the sun and thus were dubbed rainbow coins. They were staters, Celtic stg olden coins which were probably minted in the 3 - 1 century BC in the territory of the former La Tene culture in Central France, the Rhineland, Bavaria and Austria all the way up to Hungary. They were made from gold dust smelted into the shape of small bowls with a relief created using stamping die.



design Helena Chmelíková | Necklace inspired by colorful jewelry from the Bronze Age


Gracious Warmth

Winter has begun, so you wear warm colors. Wrap yourself up in a delicate, soft felt blanket. Mix shades of old pink with grey fog, with a sweet strawberry taste and with delicious chocolate tones of pralines. Try choosing a dark, rich coffee shade and lay it next to a delicate, weak hint of orange crème.

Archaeological discoveries from the Bronze Age are typically made at barrow burial sites. The raised barrow earthworks are still apparent in the forests today. The base consists of a stone structure. Over time, burials were made of skeletons, cremated remains or urns in the period ranging from the Early Bronze Age through to the Middle Bronze Age and on to the Late Bronze Age. Numerous burials with varying accoutrements were usually placed beneath the earthworks. The richest were home to bronze, gold and amber jewelry and bronze tools and weapons.

Trends Autumn | Winter 2020 - 2021

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