The Triennale commences!

Current trends, young design, reputable names, high-tech. Come to an exhibition of the glass industry and costume jewelry.

The Museum of Glass and Jewelry in Jablonec nad Nisou opened the fourth year of the International Triennale of Glass and Costume Jewelry on Saturday 24.6.2017.

Products from Czech and international companies, students' work or, for example, various types of glass from 12 countries, 20 schools, 25 artists and 89 brands will be presented there until the end of October.

The official opening of the glass exhibition in all its glory

trienale zahajeni zmenseno 2 trienale zahajeni zmenseno 1 trienale zahajeni zmenseno 3

Lit glass cubes can also be seen in the exhibition's exterior; the lit silhouettes of the dancing cubes have been made from glass pressing rods from the PRECIOSA Traditional Czech Glass™ brand.

The DANCING CUBES are the work of the VACEK & SMID studio for PRECIOSA ORNELA.

PRECIOSA ORNELA will present its products using sub-themes: TRENDS, DESIGN and PRODUCT.

preciosa ornela trendy jaro a léto 2017 menší preciosa kornelián hvězda menší 2 Výstava TRENDY.DESIGN.PRODUKCE – náhrdelník PRECIOSA CORNELIAN STAR, design Karolína Emingrová, PRECIOSA ORNELA, Zásada, foto Markéta Fotrová
PRECIOSA ORNELA The trends for spring and summer 2017 The PRECIOSA cornelian star  The PRECIOSA cornelian star, design: Karolína Emingrová
podložka magic fusion menší Výstava TRENDY.DESIGN.PRODUKCE – nápojový set MEDIUM – DIA DEKOR, design, Patrik Illo – Aleksandra Stencel, RONA Lednické Rovné, Slovensko, foto RONA Výstava A.TO.MY! – SET NA PŘÍPRAVU KOMBUCHY / KOMBUCHA SET, autorka Barbora Štefánková, magisterské studium, 2. ročník, Ateliér sklo, UMPRUM Praha, foto Anna Pleslová
PRECIOSA ORNELA, Magic Fusion coasters

The MEDIUM beverage set – DIA DEKOR, design: Patrik Illo – Aleksandra Stencel, photo: RONA

SET FOR PREPARING KOMBUCHA, author: Barbora Štefánková, the Academy of the Arts, Architecture and design in Prague, photo: Anna Pleslová

After the Open Day at PRECIOSA ORNELA in Desná on Saturday 17.6. and the International Triennale, we will have the opportunity to celebrate the 170th anniversary of the production of glass in Desná at yet another exhibition; Glass from Desná – Design Desná.

Design Desná

December 7th, 2017 – April 15th, 2018

Muzeum of Glass and Jewelry in Jablonec nad Nisou

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