The lightness of student creations


The lightness of student creations

Studentská lehkost tvoření

The 2019final examination work by students from the applied art schools in Železný Brod and Jablonec nad Nisou

Young heads, a unique approach, originality, courage. The list of common denominators pertaining to the students' artistic creations could easily be much longer.

Instead of words, we will present pictures of the lightness, with which the students at the applied arts secondary schools in Jablonec and Železný Brod have created beautiful objects at a level worthy of professional designers.

Take a look with us as the final examination pieces created by students from the Applied Arts Secondary School of Glassmaking in Železný Brod and the Applied Arts Secondary School and College in Jablonec nad Nisou, with which Preciosa Ornela cooperates.

Previews of the work by the students from both schools are available under two tabs: