The Sweet France exhibition

We invite you to the second exhibition organized as part of the International Year of Glass.

The Sweet France exhibition reflects the current breadth and latest trends in Czech jewellery and costume jewellery production, in which glass is the dominant material.

It includes adornments for the body and traditional looking clothing, but also extravagant jewellery designed for special occasions. The exhibition presents a cross-section of the technological and design breadth achieved in both mass and original production. There will also be jewellery and dresses with glass appliques from the specialist applied art secondary schools and universities in the region.

Kateřina Nora Nováková, a curator of the Museum of Glass and Costume Jewellery, has selected the authors, companies and specialist schools for participation in the exhibition of glass jewellery in order to ensure that it presents the entire breadth of this unique field, in which the Czech Republic has an unequivocal primacy.


February 3th to March 13th


Centre tchèque de Paris | 18 rue Bonaparte, 75006, Paris |

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