See You on the Glass

Visit the new "See You on the Glass" exhibition at the Ctěnice Chateau near Prague.

Contemporary Production of Students and Teachers from Nový Bor Glass School.

The exhibition dedicated to glass making will present the Nový Bor Glass School as the cradle of Czech glassmaking which began in Nový Bor (previously Haida) in 1763. They built a Piarist school for children of local glassmakers and glass traders there which continues to operate. Being the only school in the Czech Republic, it joins all three levels of glass education: apprentices, secondary schoolchildren, and upper secondary students, teaching them the complete technology of glass production and refining.

Practical workshops and public programmes will be part of the exhibition, enabling visitors to try out various glassmaking techniques such as glass blowing, glass painting, glass engraving, and stained glass making. In addition to a great experience, visitors will take away a self-made object.

Neither the Czech seed beads under the PRECIOSA Traditional Czech Beads™ will be missing!

The exhibition will run from March 24th to October 13th 2019.

Accompanying program:

  •  23. 3. 2019   Exhibition opening / glass painting
  •  13. 4. 2019   Easter workshop / glass egg engraving and painting
  •  11. 5. 2019   Floral market / stained glass production and painting
  •    8. 6. 2019   Prague Museum Night 2019 / glass blowing in a portable glass furnace, glass painting
  • 12. 10. 2019  Termination of the exhibition / glass cutting and painting


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Bohdanečská 259/1
190 17 Prague 9 - Vinoř

GPS: 50.1493164N, 14.5640222E

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