Made in Jablonec 2019

The jubilee year of this celebration of fashion at the Eurocentrum in Jablonec is fast approaching!

The beautiful outfits in perfect symbiosis with costume jewellery will be paraded on the catwalk at the Made in Jablonec 2019 fashion show for the tenth time. This show bears the opulent sub-title: Haute couture style.

The gala evening full of magnificent fashion and costume jewellery collections will take place once again in the first week of January, on Thursday 10. 1. 2019, and we warmly invite you to attend. This festive Jablonec event, which has a long tradition here, involves the presentation of the local producers of glass and costume jewellery and schools with an artistic focus.

Preciosa Ornela has supported and been actively involved in the preparation of a number of outfits through its cooperation several secondary schools. The company has provided the Applied Arts Secondary School and College in Jablonec, which has designed two evening gowns, the Applied Arts Secondary School in Železný Brod and the College of Fashion Design in Prague with glass materials and costume jewellery components in order to enable the students to create youthful fashion designs.

16 costume jewellery and jewellery companies, 13 fashion salons and 21 teams from 7 art schools have signed up for the January fashion show. There is once again a great deal of interest in tickets for the afternoon and evening shows. Almost half the tickets were sold out already during the course of November.


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