Looking back at the open day at PRECIOSA ORNELA 2022

The story of the seed bead and the glass amazed you again!

On Sunday 13 November, we opened the doors to the PRECIOSA ORNELA glassworks in Desná as part of the regional Crystal Valley Weekend event. 

The weather was perfect, a good mood reigned throughout the entire premises and the tour groups at the glassworks not only consisted of glass enthusiasts and tourists, but also employees from the entire PRECIOSA group and their friends and families.

The open day at Preciosa Ornela was a rare opportunity to view our unique seed bead production technology.

The story of Seed Bead production

The guests were surprised at how many processes precede the creation of such small seed beads

The visitors went through the whole story of the Seed Bead, which starts at the furnace, continues with the drawing and cutting of the tubes and the final rounding and sorting. Only at the end of the long production process is a small tiny glass Seed Bead created. It was impossible not to notice the amazement with which the visitors viewed the production.

Both young and old have tried hand-crafting

Decorative Glass

The visitors were also welcomed to the old glassworks and cutting room, where the courageous among them could try their hand at demanding manual production of decorative glass objects.

The tour continued to the New Glassworks, which by way of contrast presented the mechanical production of LIBA 2000+ premium optical glass in the form of glass rods. 

The experience was also enhanced by the care taken by our tour guides and our communicative employees at the given operations, who willingly answered a number of curious questions.

Every visitor left the gates of PRECIOSA ORNELA with a glass heart and a smile on their lips. We discovered that many went on to visit other parts of the day’s program. They visited the company shop right across the street where they enthusiastically purchased all the glass items that the shop had to offer. They also visited the Riedel tomb, from where they could view our glassworks from a different perspective, i.e. from above. Children and adults alike also enjoyed the workshops prepared at the Riedel Villa. 

We would like to thank all lovers of glass and the glassmaker’s craft for their interest.