Limited collection Design Desná 2017 - Vases, 1966

Admire with us the timelessness of the glass work created by the merited artist Václav Hanuš

We present the third of five selected Design Desná 2017 LIMITED COLLECTIONS, Vases from 1966.

Vases, 1966

Glass Blown into a Metal Mold, Polished and Matted
Design Václav Hanuš

Customer demand in the 1960’s brought bright colors to traditionally clear pressed glass and glassware. As the company designer of the Jablonecké sklárny (Jablonec Glassworks), Václav Hanuš was, understandably, required to address not only questions of aesthetics, but also solve technical and manufacturing requirements. One of the results was a set of ‘tree trunk’ vases that became a successful hit.

The artist recalls: "We realized that colors could also be created in the furnance, in order to achieve the desired quality of glass. There was one problem: we had only one furnance, and in it we had to sequentially melt five colors. Obviously it was not possible to do all five at once. We ended up somehow doing it by switching the colors in the daily batch, but then we still had the glass between batches. These were never the same color – either as the previous batch or the desired next batch. What were we to do? Drain it? So I invented these economical branch-like vases. I made them so they would hide the defects in the glass. And the fact that they came in somewhat unusual colors didn’t matter... greenish, bluish...".

Text by: PhDr. Petr Nový

vazy 1966 v580 vaza 1966 mat v580
Vases, 1966, design Václav Hanuš Vase, 1966, matt, design Václav Hanuš

You can view Vases from 1966 and other selected exhibits from the LIMITED COLLECTION at the Desná Glass, Design Desná exhibition at the Museum of Glass and Costume Jewellery in Jablonec nad Nisou from 7th December 2017 to 15th April 2018.

The purchase of selected articles will be possible from December 2017.

Contact: Martin Koutný

From December 2017, you can also look forward to the new book publication DESNÁ GLASS 1847 - 2017, which constitutes the culmination of the celebration of the 170th glass making anniversary in Desná.