Ladislav Oliva's Glass

A book on the life-long career of the significant glassmaker, artist and teacher, Ladislava Olivy senior

The Nový Bor publishing house has published a retrospective work entitled LADISLAV OLIVA'S GLASS (SKLO LADISLAVA OLIVY). The book is accompanied by a series of photographs of statues and works by this significant glass designer and glass school teacher.

Ladislav Oliva studied io Kamenický Šenov and later at the Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design in Prague under Professor Kaplický. The book is not only about his beginnings as a student. You will also be able to read a number of interesting stories from his work and teaching life.

"Naturally, Ladislav Oliva did not stop creating after leaving school, when he was finally able to concentrate on his own projects. He has created cast, cut and sometimes engraved or smelted rarities since the 1980s and he now mainly focuses on figural and portrait statues made in glass which all bear his unmistakable mark and his sense of form, structure and detail. He first became involved in the creation of melted glass sculpture in 1958."

(an extract from the book Ladislav Oliva's Glass)


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