Glass Medals & Trophies by Preciosa Ornela

A glass medal made from PRECIOSA Traditional Czech Glass™ will adorn every participant in the 57th year of the Jizera 50.
Racers who achieve podium finishes will be able to look forward to glass trophies.



“The glass medals and trophies underwent a number of production phases ranging from the initial moulding of the molten glass through to subsequent polishing, drilling, sandblasting and metallic surface finishing. Each medal and trophy for the 57th year of the Jizera 50 is an original,” explained the Preciosa Ornela, a. s. Sales and Marketing Manager, Petr Puš.

Each medal and trophy is an original

A large number of experienced employees at Preciosa Ornela stood behind the completion of the medals and trophies.

Josef Kruml, a technical preparation employee at the handmade production department, designed and prepared a new moulding process for the medals, as well as a number of other smaller production steps. He secured the physical realisation of Matyáš Chochola’s designs.

Jiří Kobr and Jaroslav Šefr, both experienced glassmakers, were involved in the correct moulding of the molten glass. Lenka Pilařová transferred the mouldings to the cooling furnace.

The trophy and medal semi-products were machined and the holes were drilled in them by Lubomír Mičkal. Iveta Třesková deburred the rough edges of the drilled holes. Stanislava Szilágyiová and Bohunka Jakouběová were in charge of masking the medals and trophies prior to sandblasting, while Martina Sochorová did the actual sandblasting of the medals and trophies.

Dana Rampouchová performed the final quality control of the products.

Aurora Borealis

Surface finish of medals

The appearance of the medals has been enhanced by a surface finish in the Aurora Borealis shade, which the Czech artist Matyáš Chochola feels should enhance the magical experience of the evening lights as they cast long, colorful shadows on the snow.

Moreover, the medals will also be strung on a special cord that imitates a mountaineering rope as a tribute to the memory of the climbers from the 1970 Peru expedition.

Some of those climbers stood at the inception of the Jizera 50, which subsequently naturally became a memorial in their honour. 

Glass trophies

Designed by Matyáš Chochola

Racers who achieve podium finishes will receive the glass trophies.

Matyáš Chochola also designed the trophies, this time in cooperation with the Sport in Art platform.

He created the trophy using a plaster cast made directly from a ski track prior to the start of last year’s 50 kilometre race at the Jizera 50. 

The winners of the main race will receive three different versions of the trophy


First place will receive an Alexandrite trophy with a metallic surface finish, second place will also receive an Alexandrite trophy, but without the metallic finish, while the third-place trophy will be made of colourless crystal.

All three trophies will have the same matt finish with an embossed surface.

Original medals

For all racers of the 57th year of the Jizera 50

The medals were created in a similar vein, but the tracks of a thousand racers are imprinted on them.

“We are pleased that the excellent glassmakers from Preciosa Ornela’s Jizera Mountain glassworks have been able to give physical form to Matyáš Chochola’s artistic ideas as a work of art that will not only be received by the very best skiers from all over the world in the form of the wonderful trophies, but also by all the amateur racers who manage to complete any of the nine races at the ČEZ Jizerské 50 in the form of the medal,” emphasised David Douša from the Raul organising agency.

Teaser with Matyáš Chochola


Document about how the medal and trophy of Matyáš Chochola were made.

Watch the short video

Galerie Flickr

Jizerská 50

View or download more photos about medals and trophies for the 57th year of the Jizerská 50

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