Four Seasons

Compete in the "four seasons" beadworking competition with LOVEBEADS.RU and PRECIOSA ORNELA and you can win valuable gifts in the form of Czech beads and seed beads.

Preciosa Ornela, a. s. will cooperate with the Moscow-based company as the general sponsor in a beadworking competition on the theme of "the four seasons" in the style of the renowned Czech painter and graphic artist Alfonse Muchy. The competition will be divided into individual stages according to the given season. The first section will take place from 1/9/2016 to 1/11/2016. The winners will receive a collection of new beads from PRECIOSA ORNELA, a. s.

  • The first prize will be 10 kg of rocailles and seed beads and the rocaille colour chart from Preciosa Ornela, a. s.
  • The second prize will be 5 kg of beads and seed beads + a catalogue
  • The third prize will be 3 kg of beads and seed beads + a catalogue
  • while 2 kg of beads and seed beads have been prepared for the next 10 runners-up
  • The competition rules can be found on the LOVEBEADS.RU website.

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