European Cup for Florists 2016

Photo: Genova, by Andrea Facco
The Europa Cup 2016: Ciao Genoa!

Coming on the back of a wonderful Interflora World Cup in Berlin, Florint now takes centre stage in order to organize the spectacular European Floristry Championship 2016. Our highly anticipated ‘Europa Cup for Florists’ will be taking place in Genoa, Italy, and feature many of the absolute best floral arrangers in the world.

From the 7th to the 9th of April, the Magazzini del Cotone exhibition centre and Florint, together with their sponsors, will be hosting the Europa Cup for Florists. It will make for a perfect time and place – in mid spring, at the gorgeous Italian Riviera – to celebrate world-class floristry.

The Association of Flower Arrangers and Florists of the Czech Republic has nominated Klára Franc Vavříková as the Czech representative for the 2016 Europa Cup, a significant international flower arranging competition, after her win at the 2014 Flower Arranging Championships of the Czech Republic - the Děčín Anchor. In September 2015, she opened her first florist shop called Květiny Koule in Benešov, which is located at Karla Nového 2156 and can be found on Facebook. She will compete for the title of the European champion in flower arrangement in Genoa, Italy from 7th to 9th April 2016. This time, her competition flower arrangements will also include the combination of glass seed beads from the Preciosa Traditional Czech Beads brand.

History in the making…

Organizing floral design championships like the Europa Cup is intimately familiar to Florint. In fact, the very founding of International Florist Organisation Florint back in 1956 owes a lot to competitions. Back then our member associations wanted to learn about the different floral trends in Europe, so they organized the continent’s first ever florist championship. It ended with the crowning the Swiss competitor as the first official European champion. A tradition was born!

2016 will also mark Florint’s 60th anniversary since its inception in the city of Strasbourg. The celebration of the Europa Cup is without a doubt the perfect opportunity to commemorate the unique history of Florint and the European championships.