ALD Automotive Fleet Awards

The 8th annual ALD Automotive Fleet Awards culminated with the announcement of the results at a gala evening. 21 glass fleet muses made by Preciosa Ornela were once again handed out.

headerThe Fleet Awards questionnaire was established in 2008 as a result of the efforts of the Club 91, s.r.o. publishing house, whose portfolio also includes the FLEET magazine for company vehicles. The increasing attention which is being paid to the area of fleet management by both suppliers and fleet operators initially gave rise to a large nationwide fleet meeting organised under the name of the Day with the Fleet in 2007 and one year later the first Fleet Awards were announced. This involves a questionnaire in which the Company Car of the Year and the fleet products, services and personalities of the year are announced on the basis of an assessment by an expert jury.

The goal of the questionnaire is to evaluate the products and services which stand out in their segment so that this evaluation can then be a good guide for fleet managers seeking the most advantageous services and products in the market. Since being established, the questionnaire has gradually built up its prestige and at the same time it has also undergone continual development in the interests of ensuring the most objective possible evaluation system and the greatest possible relevance of the results.

The traditional trophy is made by the glass masters at PECIOSA ORNELA's Desná glassworks. It is called the "Fleet Muse - Mistral" and it has been manufactured under the PRECIOSA Traditional Czech Glass brand.