Seed bead snowflakes

Difficulty: 1

PRECIOSA ORNELA has prepared a tutorial for the creation of costume jewellery accessories and gift items in national colours upon the occasion of the 22nd Winter Olympic Games. The Olympic Games are of interest to everybody. And the best thing is that our seed bead snowflakes do not melt! Support your national Olympic team in an original manner using winter accessories in your national colours.

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The 22nd Winter Olympics in Sochi are here! They are fundamentally connected with snow and frost and with that little bit of patriotism which is awoken in each of us at least for a short while. The Olympiad unites the entire world for a few weeks as people from all over the globe watch the races and matches and cross their fingers in support of their favourites. Support our sportspeople with original talismans which are also stylish accessories. Seed bead snowflakes in national colours can be used as an effective pendant or as decorations in larger numbers. Thanks to the wide range of colours and shapes of the beads and seed beads from the PRECIOSA Traditional Czech Beads brand, you can take inspiration from our tutorial and create your own colour combinations and new snow flake shapes for various occasions. Preciosa Ornela wishes you many happy hours of beadworking and excellent results for our sportspeople.

Designer: Helena Chmelíková