REXPO - Jan Ryšánek

REXPO - a small family company which has been active in the market since 1991. It is involved in the production of glass costume jewellery made exclusively from Czech glass beads and seed beads from the PRECIOSA Traditional Czech Beads™ brand and from other semi-products.

All of the ideas for the costume jewellery are established under the supervision of the designer, Zuzana Ryšánková. Their 3-dimensional structures made from costume jewellery, especially from black PRECIOSA bugle beads, are absolutely striking. This design, which has become typical for them, has found supporters not only in many EU states, but also all around the world. However, the domestic market remains "close to their hearts" and they supply to both wholesalers and small boutiques throughout the entire republic.

preciosa bugles rexpo 22 preciosa bugles rexpo 36 preciosa bugles rexpo 65

Designs with PRECIOSA Bugles

preciosa triangles rexpo 60

Jewelry set with PRECIOSA Triangles