Veronika Pouzarová

Veronika Pouzarová’s jewellery contains a sense of detail and intimacy and captures the essence and depth of the author’s message.

Her works are widely ranging from an art object on the owner’s body to applied design. She conceives artistic jewellery primarily as a sculpture that interacts with the owner and his surroundings through its expressive form.

Admiration for mathematical or physical regularities, fascination with constructivism, kineticism, minimalism and functionalism are reflected in the main structure of Veronica’s works. She uses well-thought-out constructions, inspired by both mathematical and physical principles, as well as technical architecture. Jewellery objects respect the basic nature of the materials used. In thematically targeted projects, she focuses on the expressiveness of expression, which is never in the foreground. With a hidden pinch of wit, irony or other warning, she forces the owner and those around him to think more deeply. She connects the form and content of her works into an indivisible unity. She puts personal experiences, emotions and experiences into jewellery — wearable objects.

The initial impulse of creation is always a strong idea, on which the entire concept and the final form of the work are based. The creative process from initial idea to realization serves the author’s self-reflection, knowledge and learning. She also approached her diploma thesis in a similar way, which she focused on the theme of J.B. Santini’s principles of architecture.

Veronika can also embody strong feelings in designer jewellery, which she creates herself or in collaboration with her husband Martin J. Pouzar under the POUZAR&OVÁ brand. However, these body ornaments are not just a shallow search for a wearable and easily reproducible form, but a well-thought-out concept composed of emotionally powerful building blocks. Her designer jewellery is created in variable collections that attract a wider range of users.

Written by: Kateřina Nora Nováková