Markéta Slováková

Markéta lives in the beautiful town of Rožnov pod Radhoštěm. She has a sense for detail, color and patience. She used to make things out of beads as a little girl and she has often returned to it.

She grew up in a family where several generations of women embroidered. She has always been interested in design, both in fashion and interiors. She graduated from the Glass Applied Arts Secondary School in Valašské Meziříčí.

In 2016, she became enthralled by embroidery with seed beads thanks to one international photograph and she thus introduced more sparkle into her interior. "First, I learnt how to sew and a cushion was created, which adorns my home. The shine of embroidered rocailles always takes me to memories of a snowy landscape. I find inspiration all around me, in nature and in what I find beautiful and then I transfer it to a cushion. I like simple embroidery, but also highly detailed work; both have their own magic." Their timeless design suits various types of interiors.

"I am happy to be cooperating with Preciosa Ornela and I am looking forward to jointly creating something new," added Markéta in conclusion.

You can find Markéta Slováková's work online under the brand Avec Amour Markéta (from the French "With love, Markéta").

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