Marek Kubáček - Photographer

Marek Kubacek profile photoMarek Kubáček has been active as a photographer for 6 years. He focuses on commercial and product photography, nudes, fashion and wedding photography.

He is currently focussing most of his attention on commercial image photography and stylised fashion portraits. He always endeavours to incorporate an original component or idea into his photographs. His photography is distinguished by a specific atmosphere which is emphasised by his professional post production work. His love of film means that he mainly draws inspiration from horrors, Italian Giallo films of the 1960s and 1970s, trashy B- films, sci-fi and other genres. He has recently also become actively involved in filming video clips. He has received several awards in Czech and international competitions, for example two wins in the Akty X competition organised by the Reflex magazine or the Czech winner of the Eisa Maestro photo competition. His photography has been published in the selections from the prestigious Al-Thani Award or Trierenberg Super Circuit competitions.