Jaroslav Bejvl, jr.

„Art without craft is nothing more than an self-absorbed exhibition”

Jaroslav Bejvl, jr. is known mainly as a designer of lightning objects, which are implemented over the world.

He graduated from design, sculpture and drawing. He was able to uncover some secrets of glass processing technology in well-known studio of Chihuly in Seattle.

His work is based on usage of traditional materials, craftsmanship of Czech glassmakers and craftsmen. However, he also uses the latest technologies often in interactive installations. This is how he creates modern, art objects with clear vision.

A real revolution meant his design achievements called Element and Glory. As for the lightning fixtures, there was used the technology of printed circuits, which are printed directly on the crystal glass in order to power the LED sources. These lightning objects just simply “levitate” in space.

For past two years Jaroslav has been working as an author with historical, metal moulds (from PRECIOSA ORNELA deposit in Desná). He transforms these moulds into new glass shapes.

“He actually uses the pressing moulds as incubators from fantastic cosmic stories. After opening, there usually comes to life something new, something totally different from any expectations that the viewer might had. However, everybody suspected “that it can be somewhere there”. We might just simply say that Bejvl discovered the fourth dimension of pressed glass –RE-FORM” said the curator PdDr.Petr Nový.