Traditional Czech Glass

Casting Glass

Coloured glass with a high lead oxide content for the creation of melted glass sculptures (and much more besides). Melted glass sculptures involve a special creative procedure which, unlike sculpture made from other traditional materials, also makes use of the optical properties of the glass, its transparency or translucency and the play of light.

The glass with a high lead content sold under the PRECIOSA Traditional Czech Glass brand has been designed in order to adhere to all of the special requirements of melted glass technology in a mould. The lead glass complies with a wide range of demands – it is suitable for the realisation of small-scale items, as well as for very large glass objects. Its characteristic properties are: low viscosity, a low cooling temperature and deformation point, a high surface quality, high dispersion and optical clarity and also excellent properties for working when cold.

The main form in which lead glass is supplied is as a semicircle castings. It is, however, possible to produce other shapes – rods, lampworking rods and blocks. It is also possible to manufacture glass with a 15% and 32% PbO content to special order, as well as new unprecedented colours and shades.

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