PRECIOSA Candy™ Pressed Beads

PRECIOSA ORNELA presents the new PRECIOSA Candy™ pressed bead from the PRECIOSA Traditional Czech Beadsbrand.

We present the PRECIOSA Candy™ two-hole low cabochon with a round base with a diameter of 6 mm, 8 mm, 12 mm.

The shallow curvature in the lower section greatly simplifies sewing round and joining up the beads or their use with other seed beads and selected beads from the PRECIOSA Traditional Czech Beadsbrand. It is possible to apply basically any type of surface finish to the excellently polished surface of the delicate camber.

Choose from the extensive range of half and full coatings to create your own collection with these new PRECIOSA Candy™ two-hole beads.

You can use the low cabochons with PRECIOSA Rocaille seed beads in a suitable color or combine them with other popular shapes, for example with PRECIOSA Twin™, PRECIOSA Farfalle™, PRECIOSA Pellet™ and PRECIOSA Chilli™ and create elegant fashion accessories. View the gallery of photographs documenting a selection of the range of applications presented by this new bead. Have a look at the costume jewelry designs by designers whose work has very often been associated with the PRECIOSA Traditional Czech BeadsTM brand.


ART No.111 01 363
SIZES: 6, 8, 12 mm