An exceptional decorative material which can be used for more than just luxury glass jewelry

The name Avanturin has been derived from the Italian “a ventura”, which means fortuitously or luck. This is a reference to the fortuitous discovery of aventurine glass, also known as goldstone, at the beginning of the 18th century. Even though the glass was known at an earlier date, artificial goldstone is now the most common imitation of aventurine and sunstone. It can be differentiated from real minerals according to the coarse grains of copper which are distributed in the glass unnaturally evenly. It is usually golden brown, but it can also be found in blue or green.

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'Desna' Decorative Glass

A collection of artistic crystal and smooth cut glass which takes its inspiration from the pre-war tradition of unique products made by the Jablonec companies of Heinrich Hoffmann and Curt Schlevogt, especially the “Ingrid” collection which was created with the participation of artists of European and international significance. The “Desná” collection currently not only contains designs from the original “Ingrid” range, but also many others. They not only come from various local pre-war companies, but also from post-war and contemporary designers. The Desná collection stands out due to the way in which it brings together the high quality of traditional manual work and current glassmaking technology.

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Glass figure 'Mistral - Fleet Muse'

Figure "Motorcyklist"

Figure "Eagle"

Figure "Kneeling Women"

Figure "Beam"

Figure "The Women and the Lion"

Casting Glass

Coloured glass with a high lead oxide content for the creation of melted glass sculptures (and much more besides). Melted glass sculptures involve a special creative procedure which, unlike sculpture made from other traditional materials, also makes use of the optical properties of the glass, its transparency or translucency and the play of light.

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