Witches’ hat

Halloween decoration made from PRECIOSA rocailles

Just as orange jack-o-lanterns made from hollowed out pumpkins belong to Halloween, so too do witches and various type of ghosts. The hat is an indispensable witches’ accessory, just like the black cat and broomstick. Now, you can have one too!

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You can make a witches’ hat for everybody in your family. These Halloween symbols can become an unconventional part of the autumn decorations in your home. All you need is some small black rocailles and a few beads of various shapes in autumn colors. If you are going to a party on All Hallows Eve, you can easily adorn yourself with the thematic witches’ hat by simply attaching it to a clasp.

PRECIOSA ORNELA wishes you much enjoyment during the creation of many bead products.

Material and tools:

PRECIOSA Rocailles (R)

311 19 001; 7/0; 23980 (ca 60 g)

a mixture of round shapes in orange and yellow shades

black wire (0.80 mm); black binding wire (0.30 mm); black or rhodium pins and ovals

snipping pliers; needle nose pliers; flat nose pliers; a cone (polystyrene, paper)


Carodejnicky klobouk rokajlCarodejnicky klobouk perleCarodejnicky klobouk material aCarodejnicky klobouk material bStep 1:

If you do not have a polystyrene cone, make one from cardboard (r: 15 cm, the length of the lower circumference: 20 cm).

Step 2:

Cut off 2 metres of 0.80 mm wire. Make an eye on one end. Twist it back by 360° after 30 cm (fig. no. 1). String the R7 onto this wire. The last 10 cm should remain empty. Make an eye at the end (fig. no. 2).


Carodejnicky klobouk obr.1Carodejnicky klobouk obr.2

Step 3:

Start winding the wire upwards 3 cm from the top of the cone, about 20 cm from the beginning of the stringing (fig. no. 3).

Carodejnicky klobouk obr.3Carodejnicky klobouk obr.3a

Step 4:

Reinforce the first six rows with binding wire (fig. no. 4). Snip it off so that it is longer; you will also need it on the brim. Create a loop around the 0.80 mm wire (fig. no. 5). Regularly tighten the rows (fig. no. 6).

Carodejnicky klobouk obr.4Carodejnicky klobouk obr.5carodejnicky klobouk 5 enCarodejnicky klobouk obr.6

Step 5:

Affix two more wires onto the fifth row with double loops (fig. no. 7).

Carodejnicky klobouk obr.7Carodejnicky klobouk obr.7a

Step 6:

Wind the wire with the rocaille. Twist it every time you pass the binding wire. If the wire is overly stiff, straighten the bent part again and then bend it again several cm on.

Step 7:

Affix another four wires to the fourteenth row with double loops. After completing the hat’s point, this will be the sixteenth row. Continue winding another two rows (fig. no. 8).

Carodejnicky klobouk obr.8Carodejnicky klobouk obr.8a


Step 8:

Remove the rocaille cone. Place it on the table and wind another four rows flatwise – this will create the brim.
Step 9:

Thread the pins onto 14 to 15 colored beads, create eyes on their ends using the needle nose pliers and hang them on the ovals (fig. no. 9).

Linking – grasp the upper section of the wire between the points of the needle nose pliers. Wind it around the points.

Carodejnicky klobouk step9


Hang the linked beads on the edge of the brim. Straighten the end of the wire. Snip off the end eye. String an oval and 6x R7. Continue in this way until the last fifth row has been wound. Link the eye.

Carodejnicky klobouk step10Carodejnicky klobouk step10a

Step 11:

Complete the point. Cut off the eye and string the rocailles. Wind two rows around the point and reinforce it with binding wire. Finish the wire with a double eye.

Carodejnicky klobouk step11

Step 12:

Wind the overlapping binding wire around the thicker wire twice at the edges of the hat and snip it off.

Carodejnicky klobouk step12Carodejnicky klobouk step12a

Designer: Helena Chmelíková