Watch strap


Watch strap

Watch strap

Watch strap made from PRECIOSA Twin™

Does your watch need a new strap and have you been thinking about getting an original accessory? Thanks to PRECIOSA Twin™ two-hole beads and seed beads, you can create an elegant strap to go with your watch. 

PRECIOSA Twin™ and rocailles offer infinite options for their creative use. Choose a favourite color and brighten up your watch with an unusual and completely original strap.

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Materials and tools:


321 97 001; 2.5 x 5 mm; 03181; 80x; pale yellow

hodinky Twin

PRECIOSA Rocailles (R9)

331 19 001; 9/0; 16383; 120x; yellow

hodinky rokajl


bronze metal parts – a watch with top eyelets; 30 mm and 25 mm eye pins; 5 mm rings; an American fastening (a toggle clasp)
hodinky material
a 0.20 mm nylon line; a thin needle; scissors; needle nose pliers; flat nose pliers (closing the rings)
hodinky pomucky


Connect the sewn strap of the same length to each side of the watch. Connect the fastening to the second side.

The straps are about 5.5 cm long. The finished straps with the watch measure about 15.5 cm. The length with the fastening is about 18.5 cm.

Step 1:

The 1st row of the strap. String 10x T. String 1x R9 between the T. Thread the line through both holes in the 2nd - 9th T. When returning, thread the line through both holes in the 9th - 2nd T. Once again string 1x RP between the T.

hodinky krok1

hodinky 1ahodinky 1b  

Step 2:

The 2nd row of the strap. Use the R9 on one side of the 1st row. Thread the line through the R9 and string the T. Thread the line through both holes of the T. Thread the line through the next R9. Continue in this way up to the ninth T. Add the 10th T. When returning, once again thread the line through both holes in the 9th - 2nd T and add 1x R9. String the outer T.

The 2nd and 4th rows

hodinky krok2a4 en

hodinky 2ahodinky 2b 

Step 3:

The 3rd row of the strap. Thread the line through to the first outer rocaille. String the first T. String the 2nd - 9th T through both holes. Add 1x R9 between them. String the 10th at the end. Do not tighten this part of the stringing, leave small gaps between the T and the R9.

When connecting the rows, thread the line through both holes in the strung T. Thread the line through each 1x R9 from the previous row between them. Tighten the gaps when completing the stringing of the row.

hodinky krok3 en

hodinky 3ahodinky 3b 

Step 4:

The 4th row of the strap. Proceed in the same way as in the 2nd row of the strap. Sew it in.

hodinky 4ahodinky 4b 

Step 5:

Connecting the watch. Thread an eye pin through the outer T on the narrower side of the strap. Additionally string 1x R9 in each of the outer gaps between the T. Place the watch eyelet in the middle. Connect the pin through the eyelet.

hodinky 5 

Step 6:

The fastening arch . String 10x R9 on the stringing needle. Create an arch. Connect the second pin. Straighten the pins. Turn them so they are facing the same way. String the eye on the stringing needle. Thread the line through the T to the narrower side of the strap. String 1x R9 between them. Add the second eye to the arch. Connect the eye on the eye pin.

hodinky 6ahodinky 6b 

Step 7:

The fastening. String one ring from the American fastening in the middle of one arch. Connect the clasp of the American fastening on the other end using three rings. If you want a more decorative fastening, ask somebody to tie the arches together using a ribbon.

hodinky 7ahodinky 7bhodinky 7chodinky 7d