Spring necklace

PRECIOSA ORNELA presents a highly effective, but easy-to-make necklace of spring flowers made using PRECIOSA Twin™ seed beads.

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PRECIOSA Twin™, a new unique oval two-hole seed bead from the PRECIOSA Traditional Czech Beads brand, has found a place with those who are interested in creative work with Czech seed beads. In the hands of experienced designers, this new two-hole seed bead can be an excellent supplement enabling the extension of the options offered by popular techniques. Beginners will be surprised by the speed at which they achieve an excellent visual effect. The necklace presented here in spring colours is evidence of this. The individual flowers are formed by means of the relatively simple connection of eight seed beads, while the multicoloured necklace is created by means of the chosen selection of colours and their combination when stringing the individual flowers onto a satin ribbon. PRECIOSA ORNELA wishes you many creative ideas when working with the new PRECIOSA Twin™ seed bead and all other Czech PRECIOSA seed beads :o).

Designer: Helena Chmelíková