Rubber bands and rocailles

Rubber band braclets with PRECIOSA Traditional Czech Beads

Rubber band bracelets are an entertaining and simple method of creating gracelets. Adding a PRECIOSA rocaille to the rubber bands will enable you to make an interesting fashion accessory.

Rubber band bracelets are this season's hit for boys and girls. The simple intertwining and crocheting of colourful rubber bands has become a new method of creating friendship bracelets. However, even adults need not be ashamed of wearing a rubber band bracelet! You just need to choose the correct colour combination. If, however, you add PRECIOSA rocailles to the rubber bands, you will acquire an excellent everyday accessory. Even talented youngsters can make bracelts from rubber bands and rocailles. You are bound to be able to show your friends something new. Everybody will find what they are looking for thanks to the wide range of shapes, sizes and colors of the beads and seed beads in the PRECIOSA Traditional Czech Beads range.


PRECIOSA ORNELA wishes you a lot of fun and many ideas during your beadworking.


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Materials and tools:


PRECIOSA rocailles (R)

311 19 001; 2/0; the colour and finish of your choice (20 – 25x depending on the length of the bracelet)

gumicky a rokajl a

rubber bands (the same number as the rocailles: 20 – 25x)

gumicky a rokajl b

4x s-pieces; about 10 cm of thin wire; snipping pliers

gumicky a rokajl c

The procedure:

Step 1:

String a rocaille (R) onto a rubber band. Snip off the wire and fold it in half. String the rubber band onto the centre of the wire. String the rocaille along the wire (fig. no. 1).

gumicky a rokajl obr.1

Step 2:

String one s-piece each onto two rubber bands with an R. String the s-pieces from both sides on one rubber band (fig. no. 2).

gumicky a rokajl obr.2


The beginning of the bracelet

Step 3:

String an empty loop from one rubber band with one s-piece onto the upper section of the rubber band with two s-pieces (fig. no. 3).

gumicky a rokajl obr.3

Step 4:

String the empty loop of the second rubber band with one s-piece onto the rubber band with one s-piece. Pull it back behind the R (fig. no. 4).

gumicky a rokajl obr.4

Step 5:

Pull the loop of the first strung rubber band with one s-piece through the lower loop of the rubber band with two s-pieces. Remove the lower s-piece from the rubber band with two s-pieces (fig. no. 5).

gumicky a rokajl obr.5


Step 6:

String one s-piece onto a new rubber band with an R. String the empty loop of this rubber band upwards onto the rubber band with an s-piece. Pull it behind the rocaille (fig. no. 6).

gumicky a rokajl obr.6

Step 7:

Grasp the s-piece on the lower rubber band. Stretch out the loop. Thread it through the loop with the s-piece on the middle rubber band. Remove the s-piece from the extended rubber band (fig. no. 7).

gumicky a rokajl obr.7

Step 8:

Repeat steps 6 and 7 according to the required length.



Step 9:

Do not add any further rubber bands. Pull the top rubber band through the loop of the lower rubber band (fig. no. 8).

gumicky a rokajl obr.8

Step 10:

Remove the s-piece from the first rubber band. Connect the s-piece from the last rubber band with the first rubber band (fig. no. 9 – a photo of the bracelet).

gumicky a rokajl obr.9
gumicky a rokajl obr.10gumicky a rokajl obr.14gumicky a rokajl obr.11

Designer: Helena Chmelíková