Ripple ring necklace

Necklace made using rings and PRECIOSA Ripple™ pressed beads

Making a luxurious and original piece of jewelry need not only be the work of a master craftsman. We will show you how to achieve this using the new PRECIOSA Ripple™ pressed bead in combination with gold rings.

PRECIOSA ORNELA presents the new PRECIOSA Ripple™ pressed bead from the PRECIOSA Traditional Czech Beads brand. This round bead with dimensions of 12 mm has a centrally located hole and a rippled surface on both sides. The identical profile on both sides of the bead enables their 100% use during the application of a series of ten new types of combined, dual colored vacuum decors known as California. The rippled surface of the bead brings warmth to the metallic decors in both the mat and polished finish.

This simple tutorial will enable you to find out what it is like to work with PRECIOSA Ripple™ beads and to create a luxurious necklace. The combination of several color shades with metallic reflections will enable you to achieve an interesting effect which will be set off excellently by the gold rings. The geometrical shapes resonate with the rippled beads and are reminiscent of a fishing net in which shiny fish have been caught.

PRECIOSA ORNELA wishes you a lot of fun and inspiration during your beadworking.

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Materials and tools:

PRECIOSA Ripple™ (Rip)

111 01 351; 12 mm; gold-pink; 98544 (14x)

krouzkovy nahrdelnik 00030 98544

111 01 351; 12 mm; gold-orange/pink 98542 (14x)

krouzkovy nahrdelnik 00030 98542

111 01 351; 12 mm; gold-brown bronze 98543 (13x)

krouzkovy nahrdelnik 00030 98543

111 01 351; 12 mm; gold-chrome 98547 (13x)

krouzkovy nahrdelnik 00030 98547

Metal parts:
10 mm rings (33x); 14 mm eye pins (52 ks); an 18 mm eye pin; a 12 mm eye pin; 2x 10 cm chains (large links); a 7 cm adjusting chain; a carabiner; ovals; needle nose pliers; flat nose pliers (for closing and straightening the rings); snipping pliers; a ruler

krouzkovy nahrdelnik material

The procedure:

Step 1:

Mix up all the Rip.

Step 2:

String 2x Rip onto the longer eye pin and use the needle nose pliers to form an eye at each end. Make both the eyes at the same level. You will use this fragment in the central part of the lower row in the necklace.  

krouzkovy nahrdelnik 2

Step 3:

String 1x Rip onto an eye pin and create an eye using the needle nose pliers. Use it at the end of the adjusting chain.

krouzkovy nahrdelnik 3

Step 4:

String all the other Rip onto a shorter eye pin one at a time and create an eye at each end with the needle nose pliers. Make both the eyes at the same level.

Linking: grasp the end of the eye pin as high as possible between the points of the needle nose pliers and create an eye which you should move slightly back so that it is located centrally above the hole.

krouzkovy nahrdelnik 4

Step 5:

Arrange the Rip and the rings according to the photograph of the necklace. Use the rings to connect four Rip (or merely two or three at the edges). Open a ring using the needle nosed pliers and string the eyes from the eye pin according to the required number of Rip. Close the ring. When using rings of this size, it is possible to close the rings with your fingers or you can use the flat nose pliers.

krouzkovy nahrdelnik 5a

krouzkovy nahrdelnik 5ckrouzkovy nahrdelnik 5b

Step 6:

Snip off the required lengths of chain. Attach them to the uppermost rings. Attach the carabiner and the adjusting chain on opposite sides of the necklace using the ovals.

krouzkovy nahrdelnik 6akrouzkovy nahrdelnik 6b

krouzkovy nahrdelnik 7krouzkovy nahrdelnik 8

  • Designer: Helena Chmelíková