Costume jewellery made from glass pyramids

PRECIOSA ORNELA presents another option for the use of the new PRECIOSA Villa™ pressed bead. It is possible to use the slim glass pyramids to construct components in order to create effective costume jewellery in a very simple way.

The slim glass pyramids can be used according to this new PRECIOSA ORNELA tutorial to easily and interestingly combine the components for a necklace, a bracelet or earrings with the new PRECIOSA Villa™ beads which stand out excellently thanks to their various types of surface finishes. The very low position of the hole in the bead enables the connection of individual beads and sewing around them with small PRECIOSA beads and seed beads. This bead supplements the line of fashion and popular costume jewellery accessories and unveils further options in the production technology used for pressed beads. It is suitable for all types of surface finishes. The edges of the pyramids especially stand out in opaque colours or when used with all-over surface finishes. We wish you much inspiration when working with Czech beads and seed beads and joy from your own creations.
Designer: Iva Mastníková

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