Christmas decoration

Preciosa Ornela is celebrating this year’s Christmas with the new PRECIOSA Twin™ seed bead. Try the options provided by this new exclusive Czech seed bead from the PRECIOSA Traditional Czech Beads brand and create a luxurious Christmas decoration using Czech PRECIOSA seed beads.

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    Preciosa Ornela presents a sparkling Christmas decoration made using the exclusive PRECIOSA Twin™ two-hole seed bead. This is a new product in the PRECIOSA Traditional Czech Beads collection which offers wonderful options for creative use. The small PRECIOSA Twin™seed beads with two holes enable interesting and effective work when creating spatial shapes, original structures, lacy patterns or exceptional seed bead costume jewellery. The wide range of color finishes on the crystal and black PRECIOSA Twin™ two-hole seed beads inspires infinite color combination options. You can try using them in the production of a Christmas decoration. The following is a manual for the creation of an original and luxurious Christmas decoration. In this manual, we will tell you how to make the Christmas PRECIOSA seed bead lace on a glass bauble step by step. We wish you merry Christmas beadwork with the PRECIOSA Twin™ seed bead :o).
    Designer: Helena Chmelíková