Peacock Eye Bracelet

Bracelet with cut beads and PRECIOSA Ripple™ bead decoration

The new PRECIOSA Ripple™ bead with the luxurious metallic, dual color Californiadecoration presents an opportunity to work with the wonderfulmotif of peacock feathers. The unique two-cut beads in atlas colors and Charlotte beads emphasize the perfection of this elegant bracelet and the beauty of the motif in the seed bead embroidery.

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Materials and tools:

PRECIOSA Ripple™ (Rip)

111 01 351; 12 mm; 98548 California Blue; 6x

pavi oko material 01

PRECIOSA Two-cut Beads (Tw-C1)

351 31 001; 9/0; 15101

pavi oko material 02

PRECIOSA Two-cut Beads (Tw-C2)
351 31 001; 10/0; 55041

pavi oko material 03

PRECIOSA Tree-cut Beads (Tw-C3)

361 31 001; 11/0; 15041

pavi oko material 04

PRECIOSA Three-cut Beads (Tw-C4)
361 31 001; 11/0; 25041

pavi oko material 05

PRECIOSA Charlotte Beads (Ch1)

61 11 001; 13/0; 54250

pavi oko material 06

PRECIOSA Charlotte Beads (Ch2)
361 11 001; 13/0; 53410

pavi oko material 07

PRECIOSA Charlotte Beads (Ch3)
361 11 001; 13/0; 50710

pavi oko material 08

PRECIOSA Charlotte Beads (Ch4)
361 11 001; 13/0; 59145

pavi oko material 09

PRECIOSA Charlotte Beads (Ch5)
361 11 001; 13/0; 50060

pavi oko material 10

PRECIOSA Charlotte Beads (Ch6)
361 11 001; 13/0; 10090

pavi oko material 11

PRECIOSA Charlotte Beads (Ch7)
361 11 001; 13/0; 49095

pavi oko material 12

A nylon line polyfilament ultra fine like NYMO 00; a thin stringing needle suitable for small 11/0, 13/0 and 15/0 beads; a 5 x 15.7 cm brass bracelet base or ultra suede; fabric for textile embroidery; a 6 x 16.7 cm leather strap; textile and metal glue




The seed embroidery technique

Technique 1:

Back stitch

When embroidering the seed bead line, first push the needle and line through the fabric from the lower side. Then string 3x seed beads and sew through every third seed bead according to the drawing or through every second seed bead at the narrower points (Fig 1).

Fig 1

pavi oko zadni steh

Technique 2:

Lazy stitch

Sew on the lines according to the drawing by pushing the needle and the line through the fabric in front of the seed beads (Fig 2a). If it is necessary to sew on more seed beads, combine this stitch with the previous technique.

Fig 2a

pavi oko predni steh apavi oko predni steh b

Technique 3:

A double line

Sew on a large number of unstrung seed beads by pushing the needle and the line through the fabric from the lower side next to every seed bead or every second seed bead and always sew the the needle and line back around the top line with the seed beads in the same place. You can also affix two strung rows of seed beads at once in this way.

pavi oko 3

The bracelet's peacock pattern

Step 1:

Transfer the pattern onto the strip of fabric and sew around it with Tw-C1 seed beads using technique no. 1. Tighten the seed beads well (Fig 1).


Fig 1

pavi oko pavi vzor 01

Step 2:

Sew six peacock eyes according to the following drawings,  6x Rip (Fig 2).


Fig 2

pavi oko pavi vzor 02

Step 3:

Add the stems and sew around them with Ch4 seed beads using technique no. 3, tighten well (Fig 3).


Fig 3

pavi oko pavi vzor 03

Step 4:

Complete the basic surface with Tw-C1 seed beads using technique no. 3 (Fig 4).


Fig 4

pavi oko pavi vzor 04pavi oko obr4

Step 5:
Sew on a second row of Ch4 using technique no. 1 (Fig 5).


Fig 5

pavi oko pavi vzor 05


pavi oko pavi vzor 08

                                The pattern



Step 2: Ther Peacock eye motive with PRECIOSA Ripple™ beads.

Form a triangle using a) Ladder stitch

                                b) Brick stitch

a) Ladder stitch

pavi oko zebrickovy steh 01pavi oko zebrickovy steh 02pavi oko zebrickovy steh 03pavi oko zebrickovy steh 04

                                      Fig 6                                                                                 Fig 7                                                                                Fig 8                                                                                 Fig 9




1. String 4x Ch and thread the needle and the line through the first Ch one more time (Fig 6).


2. Then thread the needle and the line through another two Ch (Fig 7). 

3. String a further two Ch and thread the needle and the line through the two previous Ch one more time (Fig 8).


4. Further thread the needle and line through the next two Ch again (Fig 9).


5. Repeat steps 3 and 4 until you have created seven rows with two Ch remaining (Fig 10).


b) Brick stitch


pavi oko cihlovy steh ustupujici 01pavi oko cihlovy steh ustupujici 02

                                     Fig 10                                                                                  Fig 11



6. With the other side of the line, string 2x Ch and thread the needle and the line under the second line (Fig 10).


7. Thread the needle and the line upwards through the second Ch  one more time (Fig 11).


Step 2 (the end)

pavi oko cihlovy steh ustupujici 03apavi oko cihlovy steh ustupujici 03b

                                     Fig 12a                                                                            Fig 12b


8. String 1x Ch and once again string the needle and the line under the next line and upwards through the Ch (Fig 12a). Repeat up to the end of the row (Fig 12b).

pavi oko cihlovy steh ustupujici 04

                                     Fig 13


9. Add another 5 rows reducing the number of Ch at each row.

pavi oko pavi vzor 14

                                        Fig 14



10. Position this triangle at X. Fix it (technique 3b). Embroider either side of X 7x 2Ch. Close the circle adding 7x 1CH.

5.oeil de la plume suite

                                       Fig 15



11. Embroider using techniques 1, 2, 3 following Fig 15.


12. Fix Rip securely include Ch at tip of triangle. Repeat the peacock aye motif 6 times then go to Step 3. 


Step 6:
The tassels

String 2x Tw-C2 and then string: 3x Ch4, 3x Ch3, 3x Ch6, 1x Ch7, 1x Ch4, 1x Ch7 and at the end string 2x Ch5 and 1x Ch4 a total of 3x. Leave out the last Ch4 and thread the line through all of the seed beads including the 2x Tw-C2 one more time.

Create 6x identical tassels on the left-hand side of eye no. 1 and 4  and on the right-hand side of eye no. 2 and 3 (Fig 16).


Fig 16


pavi oko obr6c

Step 7:

The tendrils

String 3x Ch3, 1x Ch4 onto a new line 8x. When threading the line back through the seed beads, leave out the last Ch4 and every second seed bead. Lightly tighten the stringing and in doing so create a twisted tendril. Sew it on from one side of the end of the stem (A) according to the drawing and create a second tendril in the same way from the second side. Repeat this process once again. Create a total of 4x tendrils.  They will be affixed at two points accoridng to the drawing (Fig 17).

Fig 17

pavi oko pavi vzor 07

Step 8:

Cut a 16.7 x 6 cm rectangle from the leather and lay it on the interior part of the brass base. Turn 5 mm of the edge towards the top side and glue it. Leave the glue to dry properly and then glue the embroidered fabric onto the upper side.

pavi oko obr7


pavi oko obr12

 Designer: Marie le Sueur