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Heart made of imitation pearls and rocailles

A handmade gift is always appreciated so much more.

Use the so-called square stitch to create a three-dimensional heart using beads and seed beads from the PRECIOSA Traditional Czech Beads which is guaranteed to be an excellent gift for every occasion.

Preciosa Ornela wishes you much enjoyment when making gifts for your loved ones.


Materials and tools:

Imitation pearls (IP)

131 19 001; 4 mm; 70599 (82x)

vyrobeno pro tebe 01a

PRECIOSA Rocailles (R10)

311 19 001; 10/0; 90090 (11x)

vyrobeno pro tebe 01b


a thin stringing needle; a 0.20 mm line; scissors; flat nose pliers; a 7 mm ring; a mobile phone cord

vyrobeno pro tebe 01c


Step 1:

Use one of the so-called square stitch methods (fig. no. 1) to sew the outer band. Cut off ca 130 cm of line. String a total of 1x R10 and 47x IP. Connect the band together by passing the needle through the first R10 once again. Straighten the entire band, tighten it and connect both ends with a double knot. Do not yet cut off the shorter end of the line (ca 7 cm).

valentyn img01 en

vyrobeno pro tebe 01

Step 2:

String 3x IP and thread the needle through the R10 once again and then through the nearest outer IP (fig. no. 2).

valentyn img02 envyrobeno pro tebe 02

Step 3:

Also use the square stitch on the sides of the heart which you will gradually connect to the outer band. String 1x IP, 1x R10 and 1x IP and thread the needle through one IP from the outer band according to the illustration. String 1x IP, 1x R10 and 1x IP and thread the needle through one IP from the outer band. String 3x IP and thread the needle through one IP from the outer band. String 2x IP and thread the needle through one IP from the outer band, then proceed in the opposite sequence along the second half of the heart's circumference and add the remaining IP and R10 according to the illustration (fig. no. 3). You will string a total of 18x IP and 10x R10 in this step.

valentyn img03 envyrobeno pro tebe 03

Step 4:

Thread the needle through one of the trio of central IP according to the illustration so that you can continue sewing the second side of the heart (fig. no. 4). In this step, you will connect the outer R10 and the IP from the outer band and the outer IP and R10 strung in Step 3. Always string 1x IP and thread the needle through the nearest IP or R10 (fig. no. 4). You will string a total of 14x IP in this step. Thread the needle and the line through the nearest IP so that you can tie both ends of the line and sew them in.

valentyn img04 envyrobeno pro tebe 04

Step 5:

Thread the 7 mm ring through the upper second of the sewn heart. As such the heart can be used as a pendant or a pair of hearts can be used to make a distinctive pair of earrings.

vyrobeno pro tebe 05

vyrobeno pro tebe 06vyrobeno pro tebe 09

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Designer: Preciosa Ornela