Decorations made from a glued seed bead mix of PRECIOSA Traditional Czech Beads

Seed beads are mainly designed for stringing or embroidering. However, this is a tutorial on how to create an effective decoration by simply adhering individual types of seed beads or an interesting seed bead mix. Combine the seed beads with chaton roses to vary the appearance and create a luxurious impression. In this way, you can prepare a set of interior Christmas decorations, cards or original gifts.

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Materials and tools

A seed bead mixture - PRECIOSA Traditional Czech Beads

MC CHATON ROSE VIVA 12 438 11 612; ss30; CRYSTAL

MC CHATON ROSE VIVA 12 438 11 612; ss20; CRYSTAL

drobenka material
double-sided adhesive tape (narrow, a width of 1.8 mm and 5 mm, for example); scissors; a large tray; a double-sided cardboard sheet for a picture or a self-adhesive sheet with a wide adhesive tape; a decorative hole punch, templates or a pencil, a compass, a ruler; a stringing needle (a tool to assist in unsticking the individual layers of the adhesive tape)

drobenka pomucky

The procedure:

Use the double-sided adhesive tape and adhere it to the chosen object, decoration or stiff paper. Prepare the design which you want to make. Measure or estimate the placement of the double-sided tape, adhere it and press it onto the surface well. Remove the top cover layer. First stick the chaton roses onto the tape. Sprinkle the seed bead mixture onto the tape over a tray. Press the seed beads onto the adhesive layer of the tape or supplement the seed beads so that they properly cover the entire area of the tape. Choose the mixture of seed beads or the individual types and shades you want.

You can also adhere the chaton roses independently. Stick small squares of adhesive tape to them.

You can cut out squares from the tape when creating pictures. In other pictures, prepare a double-sided cardboard sheet or remove the top layer of the adhesive sheet. Adhere the tape and then once again adhere the upper layer of the adhesive tape. Now it is sufficient to use the decorative hole punches or templates. You can also use the compass to create circles. You can also use the compass and the ruler to create a six-pointed star. In a less regular picture, first create a pattern and draw around it or you can directly cut out fantasy shapes without drawing them in advance.

Use the needle to remove the individual layers. Gently raise the layer and then remove it.

If you want to adhere several pieces of tape on top of one another, first remove the cover layer on the lower tape. Only then should you adhere the upper tape.

If you want to use several shades, remove the cover layers gradually.      

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