Crunchy cherry

Necklace made of PRECIOSA beads and seed beads

Use interesting and attractive opaque red beads to make an elegant necklace.



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Materials and tools:

PRECIOSA Pressed Bead (PB)

111 34 051; 17 mm
a mixture of 93180, 93200/14400, 90080, 90080/81800 and 10220/81800
a total of 18x

chrupava tresen 17mm

111 34 050; 11 mm
a mixture of 93180/15494, 93200, 90080/81800 and 10220/81800
a total of 27x

chrupava tresen 11mm

PRECIOSA Rocailles (R8)

331 29 001; 8/0; a ruby shade

chrupava tresen rokajl


metal – copper; the cap (the same internal diameter as the thickness of the cord); a long eye pin; counter-rings; ovals; a carabiner; an adjusting chain (10 cm)

a 1 mm red waxed thread; a thick red thread

scissors; needle nose pliers; a tailor's needle (two sizes – with a small and a large eye); a ruler; tailor's thread; snipping pliers 

chrupava tresen pomucky


Step 1:

The necklace is made from a mixture of beads and it is not necessary to precisely adhere to the color scheme.

The basis of the front part of the necklace consists of an arch where the small and large sized PB alternate (10x small and 9x large). Further PB are threaded on to them by passing the thread through the large sizes. Always by 2 beads. Alternate the threading. Initially 1x small PB and 1x large PB once. Thread through the next big PB 2x, initially 1 small PB a together with 1 large one, then string on 2x small PB. Thread the threads into a tailor's needle with a large eye. Proceed according to the drawing. Try to tighten the threads as much as possible.

chrupava tresen nakres

chrupava tresen 1bchrupava tresen 1a

Step 2:

The completion of the front section. Thread a counter-ring onto both ends of the threads threaded on the tailor's needle twice. Pull the needle into the arch made of small and large PB. Thread through 3x beads and create a double knot. Thread though another 3x beads and create a single knot. Thread through another 2x beads.

Step 3:

The side section. Twist the tailor's thread around the thick cord about 1 cm from the edge. Tie off both ends of the threads. Insert the tailor's needle between the cord strands. Sew the eye pin to the cord using the tailor's thread. Sew it in. Measure off 11 cm. Repeat the same step. Cut off the thread. Shorten the fibres of the strands as much as possible on both ends. Work in the same way with the other end of the side cord.

chrupava tresen 3achrupava tresen 3bchrupava tresen 3c

Step 4:

String a cap and an R8 onto the eye pin. Link the eyes. Connect one to the counter-ring at the front section. Continue in the same way with the second side part.

At the end, connect the fastening, the carabiner and both ends of the adjusting chain to the eye pins at the ends of the cords using the ovals.

chrupava tresen 4achrupava tresen 4bchrupava tresen 4cchrupava tresen 4d

chrupava tresen 5b

chrupava tresen 5a
Designer: Helena Chmelíková