A Christmas gift set

The colourful world of beads and seed beads in the Preciosa Ornela calendar for 2022.

The gift set's designer and producer, Petra Lejsková, always comes up with the new concept sufficiently in advance. The preparatory work on the realisation of the planned product campaigns and the associated advertising and gift items for the following season is usually already underway at the time. As such, the preparation of the new calendar is always associated with it.

A Christmas gift set

Preciosa Ornela customers in more than 70 countries throughout the world have received the current calendar, including a small seed bead gift, as a token of thanks for their collaboration throughout the year.

13 photos

The thirteen photographs in the Preciosa Ornela calendar for 2022 represent trending costume jewellery designs made using beads and seed beads
from the PRECIOSA Traditional Czech Beads™ brand.

"The realisation of the calendar always permeates the entire season of marketing activities and is always the culmination of an entire year's work. Last year, we reduced the format and combined the calendar with a popular notebook. Everything was in practical hard cover, into which it was possible to place the pocket calendars appreciated by collectors and a pen with a seed bead ball. Thanks to the positive response to this change in the concept, we have also repeated it for this year's calendar“.