DESNÁ Decorative Glass

The extensive collection of artistic decorative glass and smooth cut glass has a long history which follows on from the pre-war tradition of unique products made by the Jablonec companies of Heinrich Hoffmann and Curt Schlevogt. This especially applies to the "Ingrid" collection, which has been created with contributions from artists of European and international renown.

Contemporary decorative glass from "Desná", which proudly bears the product name Desná Since 1847®, is not only based on the original "Ingrid" collection, but also on designs from other local pre-war companies, as well as those of post-war and contemporary designers.

Decorative glass products are distinguished by high quality, traditional manual work and modern glassmaking technology. They can be divided into several product groups. Small-scale decorative and utility items include flacons, vases and automobile radiator figureheads, as well as drinking glasses, religious items and office glassware.
A further group includes chandelier parts – uncut glass semi-products for further use in the production of light fittings.

Last but not least, there is the artistic decorative glass which has been released in the limited edition, which Preciosa Ornela first presented in 2017 upon the occasion of the celebration of the 170th anniversary of production starting at the glassworks in Desná. This involves five exclusive, refined designer pieces dating from the 1950s to the 1970s. More information is available at

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