Winners - My Czech Beads 2017

Who won the particular contest themes?

We thank all of you who participated the “Spin the beaded world“ contest. Take a look at the designs which won at the particular category.

Contest theme Winner's name Contest photos
PRECIOSA Farfalle™
Cabe Abril Sandoval Cabe Abril Sandoval
Cath Thomas Cath Thomas
Monika Wojdyla Monika Wojdyla Monika Wojdyla2 Monika Wojdyla3
Zuzana Ludvigová Zuzana Ludvigova
Giuliana  Verdelli Giuliana Verdelli
Pilar Andrés Gálvez Pilar Andres Galvez
Paula Banaszak Paula Banaszak
Kovács Ferencné ica kovacsne3
Leeanne Gray leeanne grayleeanne gray4leeanne gray5
Zuzana Ludvigová zuzana ludvigovazuziq handmadezuziq handmade2
Reni Bachvarova reni bachvarova
Sithara Alwyn sithara alwynsithara alwyn 4sithara alwyn 2
Cath Thomas cath thomascath thomas3cath thomas2
Paula Banaszak paula banaszak2paula banaszak3paula banaszak