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Winners - My Czech Seed Beads 2018

Who won the particular contest themes?

We thank all of you who participated the “My Czech Seed Beads“ contest. Take a look at the designs which won.

Contest theme Winner's name Contest photos
Carolyn Cave carolyn cave carolyn cave2 
Diana Pavlova diana pavlova
Erika Süle erika süle  
Evgenya Mytsyk evgenya mytsyk
Jana Shweiki jana shweiki jana shweiki2 jana shweiki3 jana shweiki4 jana shweiki5 jana shweiki6
Lena Baila lena baila lena baila2 lena baila3
Lucie Luuthien Tykvartová lucie luuthien tykvartová
Maria Mazurek maria mazurek