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My Czech Beads 2017 Contest Terms

  1. Create a product with glass beads and seed beads of our competition, which Preciosa Ornela send as a gift..
  2. Photograph the product, insert logo of the used materials from the PRECIOSA Traditional Czech Beads™ brand in the top left corner of the photo (ATTENTION! THE NEW LOGO is available in grey or black variant) and place the hi-resolution photo on your own communication channels: web/blog/Facebook/Youtube.
  3. Make sure that you insert a link to the manufacturer of Czech beads and seed beads:,
  4. Fill form with your contact and links to your photo of product.

Logo in grey (PNG format)

 Preciosa Symbol H Beads Gray

Logo in black (PNG format)

Preciosa Symbol H Beads Black

This form is used to register your personal details for the marketing purposes of PRECIOSA ORNELA. By means of the act of registering, participants in the competition provide the competition organiser with consent to process their provided personal details for the purpose of presenting the prizes and answering any questions associated with the participation in the competition, as well as for marketing purposes. See the conditions pertaining to the personal data protection.

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